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October 09, 2007

Best Of The Blogs

Over at the DFER Blog, Joe Williams writes about a recent article following high school graduates out into the world. Foolish teachers are getting fired for their racy MySpace pages, notes Joanne Jacobs here. On a more serious note, Kevin at D-Ed Reckoning has some pointed things to say about educa...

October 04, 2007

ASCD SmartBlogs

Thanks to the folks at ASCD's SmartBrief for including me on their list of SmartBlogs, and welcome to all of you SmartBrief readers. Bookmark the SmartBlog page or click on the right to get a daily or weekly email summary.

October 04, 2007

SuperTutors, School Closings, Less NOLA, USDE Blog

Edwards' education plan is a good one, says the Ed Sector's Kevin Carey, except for just one crazy idea (Super Tutors). Denver can learn some lessons about closing schools from what other cities have done, says Schools For Tomorrow's Van Schoales (Closure lessons from other districts). TFA is a gr...

October 03, 2007

Women's Soccer Player Of The Year (Marta) Loves The Carnival

This week's Carnival of Education is up, including promising posts such as Bellringers' comparison of NCLB and "My Rather Large Behind," Right On The Left Coast on teachers and free speech, What It's Like on the pros and cons of teaching to the test, and Scheiss Weekly on the food stash for kids who...

October 03, 2007

Wednesday Blog Roundup

I read them... so you don't have to: About the Ravitch op-ed (see below), Eduwonk asks "didn't we try this already?" (States Right?). The AFT blog is concerned about the NYT piece on New Orleans from a couple of weeks ago (Predictable Sign Of The Times) -- namely whether the focus should be on p...

October 02, 2007

Best Of The Blogs -- Tuesday Edition

Three Raleigh schools have won the national Blue Ribbon School Award, but none are from the school system. (Winning the Blue Ribbon award WakEd) Last week was exhausting -- I didn't feel good about any of my classes. (Discipline part II School Of Blog) If you’re shopping around for lesson plans,...

October 02, 2007

How Schools Are Like Sweatshops

The rhetoric surrounding "children first" is powerful and needed stuff, I'd argue, but not to the point of disregarding the needs of classroom teachers whose needs are often not being met by schools, either. Sherman Dorn makes this point eloquently in a recent post: "Elementary and secondary school...

October 01, 2007

Best Of The Blogs

I read them (so you don't have to): Local control sucks! Schools For Tomorrow There, I said it. The kids love Obama Education Election Obama and John Edwards said in last week's New Hampshire debate that they would be comfortable reading the book "King and King," which has same-sex relationships a...

September 26, 2007

Stephen Colbert Is The Perfect Teach For America Candidate

Check out this week's Carnival Of Education at Global Citizenship, a roundup of education blogs that includes tasty posts of all kinds. Some favorites: Education Notes Online doubts that teacher quality is really the single most important factor in education. Learn Me Good recounts a student who c...

September 25, 2007

LA Times Revamps, Relaunches Education Blog

The LA TImes has revamped and relaunched its education site, now called HOMEROOM, and brought in a handful of new teachers, students, and others to blog about their school- and classroom-level experiences. I'm all for group blogs, and ones that include real, live educators. And it's good that the ...

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