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July 19, 2007

Best Of The Blogs

We read them -- so you don't have to: Over at Joe Williams' blog, Joe reflects on the AEI event earlier this week and observes that Charles Murray gives him heartburn, incentives work (not that there's anything wrong with that), and don't mess with Mesecar. Meanwhile, Richard Lee Colvin resurfaces...

July 16, 2007

Now Blogging NCLB: The Hoff

EdWeek's much-anticipated new blog "NCLB Part II" didn't show up on my RSS reader until this morning even though its author, reporter David (Hassel)Hoff, had kicked things off last week by pointing out one of my many mistakes. Welcome to the blogosphere, David. Part of me thinks that having an EdW...

July 13, 2007

Yet Another Thing For Chancellor Klein To Worry About

Recently named along with Joel Klein as one of the most influential parts of the New York City education scene, goes beyond the usual news coverage and profiles individual schools. Now it has a blog to go along with all the rest.

July 11, 2007

Carnival Time Vs. The Mustache

I managed to pull myself away from Burger King's "grow your own mustache" site (I'm 'stashing Obama) to skim this week's ed policy posts over at The Carnival Of Education: Week 127 and saw that there are posts on zero tolerance, harassment, student obesity, and the gaps between research and policy. ...

July 11, 2007

Who Decides What's Important -- Readers, Or Editors?

Washington Post, media critic Howard Kurtz points out that much of the astounding success of the Huffington Post, a group blog that features all sorts of generally Democratic commentary and content (including mine), has come from the ability (and willingness) of its editors to go beyond the now-stan...

July 10, 2007

Best Of The Blogs

I skim them so you don't have to.. Reading on the same page Joanne Jacobs Congress hates the most successful part of No Child Left Behind, writes Charlotte Allen in a Weekly Standard story on Reading First. Lampkin Goes Off On NEA And Prez Candidates Joe Williams' Blog Marc Lampkin, of Ed in 08 fa...

July 06, 2007

Remembering John Kerry

Eduwonk thinks that Obama did himself good with the merit pay mention, or at least does no harm. But at the same time he reminds us that John Kerry didn't win any friends with his merit pay ideas in the 2004 elections. Here's a rundown of what Kerry did and didn't propose on education, from EdWeek...

July 05, 2007

Does "The Pulse" Need CPR?

Someone told me that you're not supposed to do mouth-to-mouth anymore, just clear the airway and focus on the heart compressions. Whatever it is, District Administration magazine's group blog "The Pulse" may need it. The posts are increasingly infrequent, it seems, and many of those included are t...

July 03, 2007

"YouTube For Nerds"

If anyone asks you about The Futures Channel, I suppose you could tell them it's "YouTube for nerds" as some have described it -- video, lots of it, concerning the sciences, technology, engineering and allied fields.

June 26, 2007

A Letter From The AFT Blog Summer Camp About Questionable Bush Claims

AFT John writes me a stern letter from the AFT Blog summer camp to remind me that the President's claims about increased test scores due to NCLB have been around -- and hotly disputed -- for a long time, especially on the AFT blog. Thanks, John. I knew it sounded fishy, but I had forgotten.

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