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February 19, 2007

Week In Review February 12 - 18

Best Of The Week Did The NYT Get It Wrong On The University Of Phoenix? Would a Constitutional Amendment Do Any Good? If SEIU and Wal-Mart Can Do It, Education Can, Too Hot For Education 2007 (Sports Illustrated Edition) On The Hill Kennedy Head Start Reauthorization Quick Out Of The Gate Live Bl...

February 18, 2007

Coalition DVD Event In Providence

The Coalition of Essential Schools folks tell me that they are premiering a new film about their efforts developing small schools on February 28th in Providence, for anyone who's interested. Ted Sizer is going to be there, and the film has apparently won the Aegis Award for Best Educational DVD.

February 17, 2007

Weekend Catch-Up: Mainstream News

Here are some interesting pieces that I missed during the past week or so: Did Help Get Left Behind? US News & World Report Five years after No Child Left Behind was enacted, educators and lawmakers are asking whether the stomachaches caused by the legislation have been worth it. Tutoring pro...

February 14, 2007

Hot For Education 2007

One of the most popular -- and embarrassing -- posts that's ever run on this site has been Hot For Education, a highly arbitrary and much-commented on listing of some of the folks who might qualify as "hot...for education." And, in honor of this snowy Valentine's Day (and the Sports Illustrated swim...

February 13, 2007

John Brittain: Lawyers' Committee Honcho On The HotSeat

As Chief Counsel and Senior Deputy to the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, John Brittain is in a tremendously interesting and influential position when it comes to school reform, which many describe as the civil rights issue of our era. On the HotSeat, Brittain praises NCLB (for its focus on t...

February 12, 2007

If SEIU and Wal-Mart Can Do It, Education Can, Too

Once again, the ideas and movement on the health care front seem to be far outpacing whatever atrophied and occasional movement we see the education front. Two weeks ago, it was the President proposing a new $100B health care tax credit in place of the current employer based two-tiered system (He...

February 11, 2007

Week In Review February 5 -11

Best Of The Week Carnival 105th: The Over-Scheduled Carnival Kid Dropouts In Baghdad (Kerry Was Right) Private Schools & The Poor The USDE Security Checks For USDE Researchers Mesecar (& Others) On The Move Keeping Talent At The USDE "Scoundrels" At The USDE? NCLB News When NCLB Opponents Make You...

January 23, 2007

Secrets Of The USDE: Insider Edelstein On The HotSeat

In honor of tonight's State Of The Union, this week's HotSeat honoree is longtime USDE insider Fritz Edlestein, who tells all under pressure, including among other things, -- about his new endeavors (they are many) -- on whether mayoral control is right for everyone (it's not) -- on how to get a ...

January 21, 2007

Week In Review January 16-21

Looking Forward - 2008 What Obama's Candidacy Means For Education On The Hill New House Ed Committee Name & Staff List Good News For Ed Funding and Earmarks Dems Lengthen Subcommittee Names (& Name New Heads) What 1.2 Trillion Could Have Bought Media Watch Jerry Bracey On The Huffington Post A...

January 15, 2007

Week In Review January 8-15

Best Of The Week School Reform In Denver Speaking Truth To The Powerless Exclusive Gates Enters The 2008 Campaign Romer To Head Gates/Broad '08 Election Push NCLB Anniversary Competing Agendas, "No" On National Standards, New Faces Don't Forget The Teachers, Says LDH NCLB Watch: Week One Conservat...

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