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November 02, 2007

A Pack Of Dogs, A Fire Hydrant, And A Powerful Lobby

Lots of takes from the blogs on the NEA letter from yesterday, which, ironically, is signed by none other than Diane Shust, the NEA lobbyist who used to work for Miller. Joe Williams of DFER who broke the news notes tongue in cheek "Whatever happened to support for multiple measures? Isn't it cruel...

November 01, 2007

Tensions Within The Universal Preschool Crowd

Another seemingly overlooked article comes from the most recent NYT Sunday Magazine, in which Ann Hulbert charts the growing tide of interest and action towards universal preschool (Universal Prekindergarten). We all know that, of course. But Hulbert points out a couple of worthwhile reminders. F...

October 30, 2007

Obama Gets Tough On NCLB

Obama Fields Tough Questions At MTV/MySpace Forum Obama slammed the Bush administration for not properly funding No Child Left Behind, saying he'd rethink the system to include art and music and more creative pursuits that foster student's imaginations, as well as emphasizing early childhood educati...

October 18, 2007

UPK: Just Don't Call It Childcare

You might think that Gail Collins' column about controversy over child care has nothing to do with school reform, but you'd be wrong. As Collins points out, we've got a substantial child care problem in the US, and little political appetite for discussing it. But universal preschool does an end-ar...

October 12, 2007

A Teacher In The Cabinet: Another Richardson Gimmick

USA Today's political blog notes via Greg Toppo that, in another shameless ploy to appeal to as many folks as possible without saying very much, Bill Richardson on Thursday pledged that his EdSec would be.... a teacher (here). Historians will note that EdSec Riley put a teacher nominally in charge ...

October 10, 2007

Presidential Candidates Don't Use Education Scholars

Wondering why education's great academic minds -- Ravitch, Fuller, Hoxby, Hanushek, Murnane, whomever -- aren't in the fray advising the major presidential contenders like their counterparts in other fields? Me, too. The Education Election blog points to this free article in the Chronicle about c...

October 04, 2007

Chicago Teachers Go With Obama, Not Clinton

The same day that the national teachers union AFT announced that it was supporting Hillary Clinton for president, the Chicago local announced that it was going with the local guy: Barack Obama. Here's the announcement -- what do you think? "United States Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack ...

October 03, 2007

Breaking News: AFT Endorses Clinton, Not Richardson

I guess all that pandering and NCLB-bashing worked. The AFT just announced that it's endorsing HRC for President. It's not much of a surprise, except maybe to Bill Richardson (pictured) who has so many good education ideas, or to Edwards folks who were hoping his proposal (see below) would give hi...

September 28, 2007

What Happens On Education When Hillary Wins The Nomination?

Earlier this week columnist David Brooks suggested in a much-discussed (and free) New York Times column that the liberal (progressive) end of the Democratic party -- that means you and all your NCLB-hating friends -- could once again hurt Democratic chances for victory -- if Hillary Clinton wasn't a...

September 26, 2007

Media Ignoring Universal Preschool For NCLB?

Over at the Education Writers blog, USA Today's Richard Whitmire reminds us that universal preschool might end up being just as "big" an education issue as NCLB (Will preschool outpull NCLB?). It's not that UPK is being ignored by the candidates -- HRC and Edwards both have preschool plans -- but, ...

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