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April 03, 2007

Morning Round-up April 3, 2007`

Report puts pacifier on 'smart baby' debate USAT Many efforts to build "brighter babies" are doomed to failure because they are built on misinterpretations and misapplications of brain research, a report says. Plans for Revamped G.R.E. Are Abandoned NYT After spending four years and $12 million on ...

April 02, 2007

Morning Round-up April 2, 2007

Taking the Trick Out of Tapping Into Federal Aid WaPo The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is filled out by 14 million students each year who apply for federal financial aid. But the questionnaire is so mind-bogglingly complicated that many others just give up and miss out on government gran...

April 01, 2007

Week in Review March 26 - April 1

Best Of The Week The Month in Review (Audio) How Reading First Is Like Gonzales-Gate NCLB News Make That 13 States With Computerized Testing Illinois Goes For Broke On AYP Avoidance Strategies Another Set Of Experts, Another Set Of Predictions Son of NCLB Teaching & Learning The $8.5 Billion Maste...

March 30, 2007

Morning Round-up March 30, 2007

Study gives teachers barely passing grade in classroom USAT The findings, published today in the weekly magazine Science, take teachers to task for spending too much time on basic reading and math skills and not enough on problem-solving, reasoning, science and social studies. They also suggest that...

March 29, 2007

Morning Round-up March 29, 2007

Out-of-Favor Reading Plan Rated Highly EdWeek Reading Recovery, a popular one-to-one tutoring program that Bush administration officials sought to shut out of a high-profile federal reading program, has gotten a rare thumbs-up from the federal What Works Clearinghouse. No Child law faces medley of ...

March 28, 2007

Morning Round-up March 28, 2007

States Again Weighing Proper Enrollment Age for Kindergartners EdWeek Lawmakers in at least three states are debating whether to move the cutoff deadline for kindergarten eligibility to an earlier date so children will be at least 5 years old when they start school. Rural schools prepare for propos...

March 27, 2007

Morning Round-up March 27, 2007

School strives to provide safe haven USAT A troubled kid who straightened out after less than a year at the school, Vic was on track to graduate and study accounting. Last fall, in USA TODAY's first story on Talent Development, he cited the school's "positive peer pressure" as helping him finally ge...

March 26, 2007

Morning Round-up March 26, 2007

Experts: Testing companies "buckling" under weight of NCLB A handful of companies create, print and score most of the tests in the U.S. and they're struggling with a workload that has exploded since President Bush signed the education reform package in 2002. Failing Schools See a Solution i...

March 23, 2007

Morning Roundup March 23, 2007

State Takes Control of Troubled Public Schools in St. Louis NYT A spokesman for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Jim Morris, said the three-member panel was expected to run the district for the next six years, although the State Board of Education could elect to extend ...

March 22, 2007

Morning Round-up March 22, 2007

Bill Would Protect Against Cuts WaPo Virginia Sens. John W. Warner and James Webb introduced legislation yesterday to protect the state's schools from Bush administration threats to withhold millions of dollars in aid in a clash over federal testing rules. Utah heats up over long-simmering school v...

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