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February 23, 2007

Morning Round-up February 23, 2007

Grades Rise, but Reading Skills Do Not NYT, WaPo, LAT, Wash. Times, High school students nationwide are taking seemingly tougher courses and earning better grades, but their reading skills are not improving through the effort, according to two federal reports released here Thursday that cite...

February 22, 2007

Morning Round-up February 22, 2007

New Jersey Schools Told to Protect Gay Students NYT Students who are bullied by other students because of their sexual orientation are protected by New Jersey’s antidiscrimination law, and school districts must take reasonable steps to stop such harassment, the state’s Supreme Court unanimously ...

February 21, 2007

NCLB Alternative Unveiled Today

The Forum on Educational Accountability is unveiling its alternative to NCLB today: "Leaders of national education, civil rights, religious, civic and disability groups will hold a news briefing Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 9:30 am to release the Forum on Educational Accountability's Redefining ...

February 21, 2007

Morning Round-up February 21, 2007

A History Department Bans Citing Wikipedia as a Research Source NYT With the move, Middlebury, in Vermont, jumped into a growing debate within journalism, the law and academia over what respect, if any, to give Wikipedia articles, written by hundreds of volunteers and subject to mistakes and sometim...

February 20, 2007

Morning Round-up February 20, 2007

In Vermont, Prisoners Go To High School Behind Bars WaPo Vermont's largest high school is run by the Department of Corrections. The school -- operating in each of the state's jails and prisons, with walk-in schools at Probation and Parole offices -- has about 3,500 registered students, though only a...

February 16, 2007

Morning Round-up February 16, 2007

A School District With Low Taxes and No Schools NYT A loophole in Arizona law allowed for Patrick Flynn to create a school district with no schools to avoid paying higher property taxes on million dollars homes. Flu outbreak closes three schools in North Carolina Three schools closed until ...

February 15, 2007

Morning Round-up February 15, 2007

Schools strive for 'no parent left behind' CSM No Child Left Behind (NCLB) actually requires schools that need improvement to inform and involve parents in their strategies, but federal and state monitors haven't been paying much attention to that part of the law. No Child Left Behind? These Kids J...

February 14, 2007

In Other News...

Effective teachers brace for change USA Today Even at a glance, Zakia Sims seems like a good teacher....But in a few years, her credentials might not help her keep her job. It might come down to this: How well do her 6- and 7-year-olds do on standardized tests? On Education: On Different Pages Wi...

February 13, 2007

Morning Round-up February 13, 2007

Phone Ban Sought for School Bus Drivers AP The American School Bus Council plans to issue guidelines Tuesday calling for a ban on drivers using cell phones when the bus is moving or when students are getting on or off. Md. 'Gum Game' Used for 9 Years WaPo Rockville Pregnancy Center, a faith-based o...

February 12, 2007

Morning Round-up February 12, 2007

In a historic first, Harvard chooses woman president CSM The Ivy League has reached a milestone in gender equality: Half of the eight schools are now run by women. Drew Gilpin Faust emerged from the weekend as Harvard University's first female president. A current Harvard dean, she will not only sit...

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