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February 09, 2007

Morning Round-up February 9, 2007

A little bit of Enron in all of us? JS Online Lynn Brewer, the former Enron Corp. executive who blew the whistle on corrupt practices at the energy giant, delivered a chilling message about wrongdoing in corporate America to the 800 students, faculty and members of the public who came to hear her sp...

February 08, 2007

Morning Round-up February 8, 2007

Rural Colleges Seek New Edge and Urbanize NYT At the same time, officials have realized that a more urbanized version of the ideal campus could attract a population well past its college years — working people and retiring baby boomers — if there is housing to suit them. Overachieving Students ...

February 07, 2007

Morning Round-up February 7, 2006

Advanced Placement Tests Are Leaving Some Behind NYT More high schools across the nation are offering Advanced Placement courses to help students get into college and get ready for its academic rigors. In the process, however, many minority students who often need help most urgently are missing out....

February 06, 2007

Morning Round-up February 6, 2007

Supervisors Step Up In 'No Child' Fight WaPo The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors sided with school officials yesterday in a showdown with the Bush administration over the federal No Child Left Behind law, accusing the U.S. Department of Education of having a "tin ear" in its policy toward testin...

February 05, 2007

Morning Round-up February 5, 2007

Nanotechnology inches its way into classrooms WaPo Recognizing that changing curricula can be next to impossible, the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network is developing and distributing programs aimed at engaging schools in nanoscale science and engineering education, said Carol Lynn Alpert,...

February 02, 2007

Morning Round-up February 2, 2007

Bush's 2008 Budget Calls For Boost to Pell Grants WaPo The president's 2008 budget, which will be unveiled next week, would increase the annual Pell grant next year by $550, to a maximum of $4,600. Michigan: Affirmative Action Suit Settled NYT The university will pay $10,000 each to the lead plaint...

February 01, 2007

Morning Round-up February 1, 2007

Cafeteria Inspections Lag, Study Finds WaPo High school cafeterias in the District, Virginia and Montgomery County routinely fail to meet federal food safety standards that require them to be inspected twice a year, according to a study released yesterday. Reading, writing, and a roof overhead CSM ...

January 30, 2007

Morning Round-up January 30, 2007

States tackle global competitiveness eSchool News From increasing the rigor of the high school curriculum, to focusing more attention on math, science, and technology instruction, many U.S. governors this year have proposed new education programs that aim to raise high school graduation rates and be...

January 29, 2007

Morning Round-up January 29, 2007

Pushing Back at Bullying NYT This past November, the Greenwich High School principal, Alan J. Capasso, greeted an early morning assembly of more than 800 freshmen about to begin a mandatory anti-bias, anti-bullying program called “Names Can Really Hurt Us.” High Schools eyed in No Child Left Be...

January 26, 2007

Morning Round-up January 26, 2007

Colleges Regroup After Voters Ban Race Preferences NYT Others are using many different approaches, like working with mostly minority high schools, using minority students as recruiters, and offering summer prep programs for promising students from struggling high schools. Learning Improvements Amon...

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