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January 25, 2007

Morning Round-up January 25, 2007

Bush Proposes Broadening the No Child Left Behind Act NYT The proposals would give local school officials new powers to override both teachers’ contracts and state limits on charter schools in the case of persistently failing schools. New education reforms get mixed reviews AP Democrats and teach...

January 24, 2007

Morning Round-up January 24, 2007

Bush Revives Some Past Proposals NYT Mr. Bush also returned to the signature bipartisan accomplishment of his first term, the No Child Left Behind legislation that requires schools to demonstrate yearly progress in students’ achievements. He urged Congress to renew the law. Bush to Push School Vo...

January 23, 2007

Morning Round-up January 23, 2007

Acquisition Ban Lifter at Career Education NYT Career Education is battling back from government investigations, private lawsuits and accreditation problems, many stemming from accusations that the company cheated on admissions practices, financial aid and job placement. Teachers Tackle Their Own E...

January 22, 2007

Morning Round-up January 22, 2007

Oregon latest state to raise graduation requirements Boston Globe Oregon is the latest state to take action in a nationwide movement to raise graduation requirements after a speech Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates gave to the nation's governors in 2005. Taking Middle Schoolers Out of the Middle ...

January 19, 2007

Morning Round-up January 19, 2007

Study: World falling behind on 2015 education goal the study by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences said the goal of providing a high-quality education to all children could be achieved at a reasonable cost with more support and funding from governments worldwide. Court Hears Case on ...

January 18, 2007

Morning Round-up January 18, 2007

Senate to consider bill on student loans AP The debate over whether to cut interest rates on student loans is moving to the Senate after the House voted 356-71 on Wednesday to pass a bill cutting interest rates on need-based student loans in half, from 6.8 to 3.4 percent, over five years. Kennedy sc...

January 17, 2007

Morning Round-up January 17, 2007

Census: Kids in poverty have less parent time The U.S. Census Bureau report, "A Child's Day: 2003," found American children living in poverty or in single-parent homes have less interaction with their parents and are more likely to have trouble at school than youths in wealthier, two-parent ...

January 16, 2007

Morning Round-up January 16, 2006

National standards under review as lawmakers prepare to take up No Child Left Behind AP The No Child Left Behind law was supposed to level the playing field, promising students an equal education no matter where they live or their background. However, each state sets its own standards for subjects s...

January 12, 2007

Morning Round-up January 12, 2006

New score for young city musicians CSM The federal No Child Left Behind law identifies the arts as a core subject, but so far it's only holding schools accountable for reading, math, and science. Berklee College of Music, Carnegie Hall and the Juliard School are reaching out to offer free education....

January 11, 2007

Afternoon Update

Governor: N.C. has more board-certified teachers than any other state Twelve percent of North Carolina's 11,325 teachers have reached National Board Certification, making it the tops in the nation in that respect, according to the governor's office. American City Business Journals/Charlotte, N.C. V...

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