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May 17, 2007

Headline Of The Week: "Love Me Tenure"

The LA Times' opinion page gets the headline of the week award for this headline about the pros and cons of teacher tenure: Love me tenure. For those of you who might not remember the lyrics, sung by Elvis Presley in a movie of the same name: "Love me tender, love me sweet, Never let me go. You ha...

May 16, 2007

US News Reporter Moves To NY Sun

After a short but successful stint covering national stories, fast-moving former US News education reporter Elizabeth Weiss Green has now made the move to the New York Sun, where her first story has just appeared (Klein Relieves Some Critics' Concerns About Arab School). She's going to focus on NYC...

May 16, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (May 16)

Study Finds College-Prep Courses in High School Leave Many Students Lagging NYT Only a quarter of high school students who take the core courses are well prepared for college, the study says. Romney hearts No Child Left Behind First Look MSNBC Romney was just asked to name a policy shift he's made ...

May 15, 2007

Former Ed Reporter Heads West

Former AP education writer Anjetta McQueen is leaving the Brookings Institute, where she worked in communications, to head out to LA and be a lawyer. She's joining an LA firm that represents unions in the motion picture industry, journalism, and the public sector (yes, including teachers). After le...

May 15, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (May 15)

Affirmative Action For the Obama Girls? Washington Post Barack Obama doesn't think anyone should cut his two daughters any slack when they apply to college -- not because of their race, at least. Via U. of Texas Fires Officer Over Tie to Loan Company NYT The University of Texas has fire...

May 14, 2007

What's Next For Outsourcing?

First they outsourced manufacturing. Then call centers. Then tutoring. Now someone wants to outsource news coverage (Pasadena Paper May Outsource 'Local' Coverage). What next? Think tanks. Yeah, that's the ticket.

May 14, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (May 14)

Educating the Education Secretary NYT “It’s not our fault.” That’s what Education Secretary Margaret Spellings seemed to say while testifying before Congress last week about her department’s failure to halt the payoffs, kickbacks and general looting of the public treasury by a lending comp...

May 11, 2007

EdWeek Reporter To New Leaders

I heard last week that EdWeek associate editor Jeff Archer recently left for a new job at New Leaders for New Schools. Speaking of new jobs, former Philly Enquirer star Dale Mezzacappa was walking around at EWA with the Philly Notebook on her badge, signaling that she's likely to be doing more work...

May 11, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (May 11)

New Figures Show High Dropout Rate Washington Post First lady Laura Bush and national education leaders yesterday unveiled an online database that promises to provide parents across much of the nation the first accurate appraisal of how many students graduate from high school on time in each school ...

May 11, 2007

The Equity Gadfly Blast -- It's STEM Mania!

Get your morning started by checking out the PEN NewsBlast, which this week includes some interesting articles about how students think of themselves, what moms earn, and this week's favorite -- school bus emissions. Or, go to The Gadfly and check out their take on "STEM mania" and the queen's visi...

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