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May 03, 2007

Notes From The Ed Writers Conference (Day 1 in LA)

There are charter schools everywhere in LA, it seems -- over 100 and no state cap, I'm told -- including the Oscar De La Hoya High School across the street from the hotel. It's one of those newfangled Green Dot charters where the teachers are union. Wonder if I can watch the big fight over there w...

May 03, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (May 3)

Loan Firms Set to Regain Access to U.S. Student Data Wash Post The U.S. Department of Education moved yesterday to restore loan industry access to a national database with confidential information on millions of students, two weeks after it was shut down amid allegations of data mining and privacy ...

May 02, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (May 2, 2007)

Yield Documents, Lawmaker Tells White House NYT Steve Forde, a spokesman for the committee’s Republicans said, “Overly broad and politically motivated fishing expeditions will not restore faith in these programs — programs that continue helping millions of students learn to read and attend col...

May 01, 2007

Covering Teachers Unions -- A Balanced Perspective?

"The contract of your local teacher union may be the single biggest influence on what happens in schools," opens this new report from the Hechinger Institute on covering teachers unions. "Find the tools to understanding these complex documents in our primer on Covering Teachers Unions." (pdf) Edu...

May 01, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (Tuesday, May 1)

Such as they are... Warnings on Student Lenders Unheeded Washington Post The Bush administration killed a proposal to clamp down on the student loan industry six years ago following allegations that companies sought to shower universities with financial favors to help generate business, according...

May 01, 2007

April 2007: The Month In Review

Want to know what big-time education reporters are thinking about -- what they think's interesting, and what they know and don't know? Check out the audio "Month In Review" for April 2007, featuring Greg Toppo from USA Today, Stephanie Banchero from the Chicago Tribune, and Jay Mathews from the Was...

May 01, 2007

EWA Conference In LA This Week

The Education Writers Association is holding its annual conference in LA later this week, and will even post blog entries from the event. Yes, EWA is blogging. In fact, there’ll be lots about new media and multi-media packages, along with appearance by EdSec Spellings, Eli Broad, and new reports...

April 30, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (Monday April 30)

Hillary Clinton Critical of NCLB Before State Teachers€™ Union EdWeek Sen. Clinton voted in favor of the No Child Left Behind law in 2001. As a formal presidential candidate since January, she has yet to release any detailed proposals for overhauling the law, which is due for reauthorization this ...

April 27, 2007

The News Fly Express: Reader's Digest Version

There's good stuff in this week's PEN NewsBlast, as usual, including how Kentucky educators are trying to relieve test stress, a provocative piece about school violence, and a good catch on the topic of vouchers and suburban backlash. Ditto for The Gadfly, which this week includes some advice on R...

April 26, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (Thursday April 26)

Report Undercuts Effects of Educational Software NPR A new report from the Department of Education says that most education software does not boost test scores. But districts that have spent large amounts of money are not ready to give up on it. Nutrition standards urged for foods sold in school CN...

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