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March 14, 2007

NCLB Hearing Coverage: A Long, Boring Hearing?

There aren't many big differences in how media folks covered yesterday's hearing that I can see -- it sounds like a long, boring hearing -- but here they are: 'No Child' target is called out of reach Washington Post In Virginia, schools have achieved universal proficiency on reading and math tests ...

March 14, 2007

Wednesday Morning News (March 14th)

Report: More kids in state preschools USA Today But while many states are spending more, the larger enrollment, combined with inflation, means that overall, states are actually spending less per student in constant dollars — $3,482 last year vs. $4,171 in 2002. A Teacher’s Adventurous Life, Di...

March 13, 2007

Tuesday Morning News (March 13)

School District Asks Teachers to Return Pay AP A total of about $75,000 was overpaid because a computer program mistakenly calculated the bonuses of part-time workers.

March 12, 2007

Monday Morning News (March 12)

Bush Claims About NCLB Questioned EdWeek The student-achievement results the president recently cited are from a single subsection of the National Assessment of Educational Progress and tentative Reading First data. Some parents pay to pull kids out of class for trips CNNTired of parents pulling th...

March 09, 2007

Reading First Finally Makes It As A Mainstream News Story

For weeks and months, I've been asking on this blog why Reading First wasn't a national (mainstream) education story -- only to be told over and over by my betters (Richard Colvin, et al) that the story wasn't big, or dramatic, or clear enough. Today, however -- perhaps emboldened by the Walter Reed coverage? -- the NYT finally gets around to covering the Reading First scandal (In War Over Teaching Reading, a U.S.-Local Clash), focusing on districts and states that opted out. Kudos to the trade reporters and publications who've been covering this closely from the start, and to the Times and Diana Jean Schemo for breaking the story out into the mainstream. UPDATE: Not so fast, says D-Ed Reckoning in his post Schemo Gets Pwned, in which he and others weigh in on whether the Madison, Wisc Schools, Schemo's example of a brave RF resister, is really such a success story. Great stuff, including a response from a Madison board member. Thanks to Rory at Parentalcation. UPDATE 2: "Pwned" is Internet slang for owned or used.

March 09, 2007

Meet Larry Abramson, NPR's "New" Education Guy

If you've noticed a recent surge in education coverage from NPR, their "new" education guy Larry Abramson is a large part of the reason. "In 2006, Abramson returned to the education beat after spending 9 years covering national security and technology issues for NPR. Since 9/11, Abramson has cove...

March 08, 2007

Watch -- Don't Read -- Your Education News

Kudos to the smart folks at the Center On American Progress for uploading this CNN clip about Leaders and Laggards, the latest report card out from the Center On American Progress and the US Chamber, to YouTube. You can see more of their uploads here. This one features John Podesta, who heads t...

March 07, 2007

Cool Features On The New USA Today Education Page

The cool thing about the new USA Today education page, is, well, that there is one (Education). Now Greg Toppo's friends and family don't have to set up a Google alert to find his stuff. But more than that, there are all sorts of interactive and Web 2.0 features -- you can bump stories if you lik...

March 05, 2007

Everyone's Favorite NCLB Angles -- Teaching To The Test, Educational Triage, Curriculum Narrowing -- All In One Place

The big story of the week, so far at least, seems to be this Washington Post piece about principals at some local schools targeting 2nd quartile kids (aka bubble kids). Here's the story: A Concentrated Approach to Exams. Here are a couple of responses: The bubble kids (Sherman Dorn), Damned If Yo...

March 02, 2007

The BlastFly: Best Of The PEN NewsBlast & Fordham Gadfly

We read them so you don't have to.  In addition to its do-over explanation of where Fordham stands on NCLB (The problem with nuance), this week's Gadfly includes a fascinating post about a proposed new contest for -- pace, Sara Mead -- really big education ideas (X-cellent!), complaints about...

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