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February 02, 2007

Cartoon Network Stunt Creates Bomb Scare

Idiots of the week goes to the Cartoon Network and its ill-considered attempt to publicize Aqua Teen Hunger Force To The Rescue (or something like that), which created a bomb scare in Boston earlier this week: 2 Arrested in Boston Over Bomb Scare - New York Times.

February 02, 2007

Weekly Reader's Digest: EdWeek, Gadfly, Blast

Not enough time to read through all the stuff that comes your way? Me, neither. But, unlike you, I don't have anything better to do. Where to start? At EdWeek, there's a followup story about NCLB reauthorization that's worth checking out: Spellings Hits Road, Stresses Charter Plan. Over at Tea...

February 01, 2007

Atlantic Article For Free -- For Now

I don't know if this is entirely kosher, but if you want to read the entire article that goes along with the interview I did with Amy Waldman earlier this week (see below), try clicking here: Reading, Writing, Resurrection. It's a free link, for now. And it's a great article. Just don't tell the...

February 01, 2007

More Interesting News To Check Out

Kids win weight-loss game USA Today A quick-stepping video game could someday become the unofficial pastime of children in West Virginia. Va. Is Urged to Obey 'No Child' on Reading Test WashPost The U.S. Department of Education threatened yesterday to take "enforcement action" against Virginia if...

January 31, 2007

Minority 12th Graders Vs. White 8th Graders -- Who Scores Higher?

This month's Education Writers Association newsletter (here) digs into the oft-cited statistic that black and Hispanic 12th-graders perform academically at the level of white eighth-graders, based on a report comparing NAEP scores of those two groups. Based on a listserve discussion among reporters,...

January 31, 2007

Morning Round-Up (January 31)

House Approves Plan to Cut Student Loan Rates AP The House of Representatives approves a bill to cut student loan interest rates in half over the next 5 years. Old SATs crop up again -- but it's not error by test-owners A possible security breach on the SAT exam in South Korea is highlighting a com...

January 30, 2007

When Hollywood Happens To Good People

Remember that story from a couple of weeks ago about the immigrant kids who were banned from playing soccer in a Georgia town? Well, here's what's happened since then -- and it's not all good: "Scott Rudin urgently chased the movie rights to the heartwarming story of refugee kids playing soccer ...

January 29, 2007

Education Segments From NPR and PBS

Sick of words and looking for something interesting to listen to or watch? Check out these two recent NPR and PBS segments: "At a high school in Baltimore, two teachers take very different approaches to the start of a new semester. It's a chance to make a fresh start for some teachers, but also ...

January 29, 2007

School Reform Hurricane: The Atlantic Monthly's Amy Waldman On The New Orleans Recovery District

Earlier this month, Amy Waldman's article about the effort to rebuild New Orleans schools ("Reading Writing, Resurrection"), came out in The Atlantic Monthly -- a beautifully written, full-length magazine piece about the context and the characters surrounding what is a unique but still relevant effo...

January 29, 2007

"NCLB Make Sun God Angry"

Over at Intercepts, Mike Antonucci has -- yikes -- a video podcast about NCLB and all of its nefarious effects. Chief among them: "NLCB Make Sun God Angry." Check it out. While you're there, you can also check out the videos for Van Halen's Hot For Teacher or the efforts of a teacher-led cover...

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