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September 20, 2007

Chicago Schools Blog Gets Mainstream Love

The mainstream news in Chicago is finally starting to pay formal attention to District 299, my group "watchdog" covering the Chicago Board of Education and its nefarious doings: Education bloggers keep careful eye on CPS. 

September 17, 2007

Morning Commentary Roundup, Mainstream Version

No Child Left Alone Weekly Standard Reformers are busy people, tireless people, whose displeasure with the world as it is inspires them to improve the lives of their fellow human beings no matter what, and they get cranky when you bring up the law of unintended consequences. No Child Left Behind ne...

September 14, 2007

The Hoff Loves All His Sources Equally

Beat reporters and their sources have ongoing and highly symbiotic relationships that must yet exhibit a certain amount of distance in order to be healthy and good (ie, providing balanced news coverage). That's why, at the end of this post, EdWeek's David Hoff tries to make clear that -- however ...

September 13, 2007 Nominated For Online Journalism Award

Congrats to the good folks at for being named finalists in the annual online journalism awards put out earlier this week. Besides hosting this blog (a decision they almost instantly regretted), does lots of other great stuff, including web updates, the new AP wire service clip...

September 11, 2007

Principal Bans Reporter, Then Apologizes

Those pesky reporters may not seem like much, but mess with them and you might get embarassed. A Kentucky principal was forced to apologize after banning a reporter from a school event. The reporter had covered a racial incident at the school, displeasing the administrator. Via Romenesko.

September 11, 2007

Fasting Over NCLB

Having failed to make the school transfer provision a high-profile issue and feeling shut out of the reauthorization process, author and advocate Jonathan Kozol (whose book Shame Of A Nation was a big seller last year) has now resorted to a partial fast in protest of the law. Read all about it on t...

September 11, 2007

Lang In For Schaffer At PEN

Albert Lang, formerly of Communication Works, is moving over to PEN and will soon be taking over the reins of the PEN NewsBlast, which Howie Schaffer founded and turned into such a behemoth. Congrats, condolences.

September 06, 2007

Magazines Lag Behind Papers On Web, Despite Increased Use Of Blogs

Check out this report comparing newspapers and magazines on various features of web capabilities. You might think that magazines -- more entertaining, creative, and all than newspapers -- were more blog-savvy, but they lag behind newspapers still. The good news? More and more are creating blogs t...

September 06, 2007

Weighing Miller's NCLB Proposal

Three different takes on how Cong. Miller's proposal is going over. Compare and contrast: 'No Child' Loopholes Decried Washington Post Should suburban schools that barely miss federal learning targets be allowed to escape penalties, while inner-city schools that never even hit the dart board are r...

September 05, 2007

Individual School Profiles & Discussions Coming To Newspaper Websites

Eventually I think that most major newspaper websites will have profiles of individual school and space for ongoing discussions among parents and teachers. Some papers are already doing a version of this by partnering with GreatSchools. But for now, at least, the most progress in this area seems t...

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