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July 19, 2007

Merrow Team Wins Third Emmy Nomination

Kudos to the good folks at Learning Matters, whose PBS series on a failed effort to bring in superstar principals to turn around struggling schools has just been nominated for an Emmy -- the third they've gotten. The competition -- ABC World News, CBS Evening News, Good Morning America and NBC Nigh...

July 18, 2007

Bang For The Buck -- And Tricks Districts Use To Look Good

Forget the Challenge Index and all that nonsense about Advanced Placement Courses. So 90's. Now Forbes is out with its ranking of districts, based on their notions of who's got the most bang for the buck(Best And Worst School Districts For The Buck). According to Forbes, Marin County, California ...

July 12, 2007

Is Wikipedia Accurate & Neutral On Education Issues?

Sick of everyone putting in their two cents instead of just giving you the facts? Me, too. According to this Times Magazine story from earlier this month, we should all be turning to Wikipedia for information -- including breaking news -- since the collaborative website is all about maintaining a ...

July 12, 2007

Watch Out, New York City Schools -- Here Comes Medina

Thanks to everyone who wrote in explaining that it's insider Jennifer (Jenny) Medina who's now writing city education stories that we'll all be (and are already) reading. According to an internal email announcement someone sent me, Medina "began her career at The New York Times as an intern in ed...

July 12, 2007

NYT Education Reporter Flies The Coop -- Who Will Replace Him?

Word is that NYT education reporter David Herszenhorn has in fact left (escaped?) and is already down in DC covering Congress. [Read more about and an outdated but still reasonable look at where education reporters go to when they are no longer education reporters here.] No word yet on who's goin...

July 12, 2007

What Most Folks Don't "Get" About Schools

In yesterday's education column, Times education writer David Herszenhorn reflects on what it's been like covering NYC schools for over four years -- and what most adults don't (or don't want to) understand: "Working with children looks easy. It is not." Then the tagline at the end of the story see...

June 29, 2007

Wall To Wall Desegregation Coverage, With Some Variations

By and large, the papers play the desegregation decision pretty straight: "Thursday's Supreme Court ruling on school diversity reinterprets the venerable Brown vs. Board of Education decision" (Fracturing a landmark LAT). Some of the wall to wall coverage took a slightly different tack: Don't Mour...

June 27, 2007

Weekly Education Column Showdown: Closing A KIPP

The weekly showdown of national education columns between the Post and the NY Times goes to the Post this week in large part because the Post column is about K12 issues and KIPP (KIPP's Mysterious Tale of Three Cities ) and also because I don't really care that much about higher education or free sp...

June 27, 2007

Over-Reaching On NCLB Predictions At The Washington Post

Everyone's hoping that newbie education reporter Amit Paley (left) turns out to be a great addition to the national education beat, and indeed he's done some good, analytic work in recent months. But this latest piece (Ex-Aides Break With Bush on 'No Child') seems like a reach -- at best an effort ...

June 26, 2007

Denver Schools Story Wins Big Praise (Again)

Every year the Chicago Tribune puts out a list of Our 50 Favorite Magazines, and this year's not only includes some good mags but also some great education writing: "Katherine Boo's story on the closing of one of the worst high schools in Colorado wasn't just challenging and moving, it was absolute...

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