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June 01, 2007

Educating Journalists: The Best Of Both Worlds

Instead of relying on the current proliferation of disconnected three day workshops or the small handful high=prestige yearlong residential programs, the Kaiser Family Foundation has come up with a more flexible, nonresidential program for health care reporters that seems like a little bit of the be...

June 01, 2007

EdSec Spellings Playing The "Girl" Card

EdSec Spellings doesn't play the "girl" card nearly as hard as former DOJ hatchet woman Monica Goodling apparently did last week in front of Congress (The Goodling Girl). But there are some parallels worth noting from Spellings' recent performances in front of Congress (and on the Daily Show). Spe...

June 01, 2007

The Month In Review: Secrets, Missed Stories, & More

You'd think that folks I invite to participate on the Month In Review would agree with me on all things, given my role as host. But they don't. And that's a good thing, since I learn all sorts of new things and am corrected in at least some of my misguided beliefs. In this month's roundtable MP3 ...

June 01, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (June 1)

Californian wins spelling bee with 'serrefine' CNN Read full story for latest details. U.S. Data Show Rapid Minority Growth in School Rolls NYT Driven mainly by an extraordinary influx of Hispanics, the nation’s population of minority students has surged to 42 percent of public school enrollment....

May 31, 2007

Big Stories Of The Month?

Later today three big-time education journalists -- the Post's Jay Mathews, the LA Times' Beth Shuster, and USA Today's Greg Toppo -- are going to weigh in on what they think are the big stories of the past month, what got too much coverage (or not enough), and what the big stories are going to be i...

May 31, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (Thursday, May 31)

Besides the spelling bee, that is... A struggling school finds reason for hope CSM By forming community partnerships, Hope High School in Rhode Island and other struggling public schools are showing signs of improvement. Narrowing The Grade-School Standards Gap CBS Evening News After five years of...

May 30, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (Wednesday May 30)

Well, not really that big... A Bush Brother Spreads His Vision NYT Neil Bush, brother of the President of the United States, is behind a teaching method that is intended to bypass textbooks. Putting His Wealth to Work To Improve Urban Schools Washington Post He counts the Prince George's County sc...

May 29, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (Tuesday May 29)

The student loan rip-off Salon Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings sounded like a reformer when she testified on Capitol Hill earlier this month over recent revelations of waste, fraud and bribery in the $85 billion-a-year student loan industry.But education experts weren't buying it -- and ne...

May 24, 2007

Online Journalism Courses: Now I Know Your Home Phone Number

Much as I am trying to avoid it, becoming a better journalist is apparently getting easier and easier. Thanks to the folks at Poynter Online, you can now participate from your desk in "webinars" -- short, cheap, phone-Internet combo training sessions -- rather than traveling for a costly workshop o...

May 24, 2007

Big Stories Of The Day (May 24)

Schools for Pregnant Girls in New York Will Close NYT Created in the 1960s, when pregnant girls were such pariahs that they were forced to leave school until their babies were born, the city school system’s four pregnancy schools — or P-schools, as they are obliquely referred to — have lived o...

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