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November 02, 2007

Wisconsin NCLB Protest Teacher Gets Reprimand Letter

Google Images says that this might be Madison middle school teacher David Wasserman, who refused to administer a test to his students in protest against NCLB and sat in the teachers lounge. No word on whether Jonathan Kozol was the inspiration. News accounts today say he's going to get a letter in...

October 30, 2007

Halloween Happenings Around NCLB Reauthorization

There's been a recent lull in any real NCLB reauthorization news since Kennedy's folks put out the boring parts of their discussion draft and the rest of the Hill was focused on appropriations. But the AFTies report that Ted Kennedy is back on the march and The Hoff (how come that guy never links t...

October 26, 2007

It's All NCLB's Fault

Charlie Barone predicts that the recent deaths of students from the staph "superbug" will inevitably get blamed on NCLB. But why stop there? The nasty cold I have, the wildfires in San Diego County, and the coming wave of subprime mortgage defaults -- they're all because of NCLB in one way or the ...

October 16, 2007

Dentists Good, Dentists Bad

In its letters to the editors section, the New York Times recently printed the overly familiar story about how NCLB's rating system is unfair like punishing dentists based on their patients' health. Luckily, a couple of days before, the paper had reminded us what money-grubbing louses many dentists...

October 11, 2007

Dental Programs Needed For Poor Kids

Poor and working class kids have less access to dental care than ever before, and it's showing, according to this NYT article (Boom Times for Dentists, but Not for Teeth).  Sometimes the delays and lack of care are serious.  Strange that I've seen vision programs at schools but never denta...

October 10, 2007

Lots Of Coverage, Not Much Action

Bush: Leaving no child, and no agenda, behind Baltimore Sun Bush delivered his remarks in the Rose Garden, following a meeting with advocates of his signature educational reform, the No Child Left Behind Act, a first-year legislative triumph for which he is seeking reaffirmation during his final yea...

October 04, 2007

Democratic Hill Staffers Spill The NCLB Beans

Check out David Hoff's post on what Hill staffers like Jill Morningstar (House Dems, pictured, I think) have to say about the latest NCLB doings. No Kennedy bill yet, however, and no real timeframe.

October 03, 2007

Ravitch Proposes Impractical & Unlikely Pullback On NCLB

Education historian Diane Ravitch proposes a radical overhaul of NCLB in today's New York Times (Get Congress Out of the Classroom). She points out all the usual flaws in the law, and, as in the past, she proposes that the feds collect and report out data (including the results of national testing)...

September 24, 2007

What NCLB Reauthorize Requires Is Better Politics, Not More Policy

Everyone says they know how to fix NCLB -- what should be done -- but no one seems to know how to get the politics right to get there. Former New York City education guy Robert Gordon's piece in Slate does much the same, unfortunately. Titled with supreme confidence (How to fix the No Child Left B...

September 22, 2007

EdWeek NCLB Update

As September's End Nears, Legislative Action Awaits It's looking as if Rep. Miller will miss his goal, and Sen. Kennedy still has a chance to meet his. Edwards Promises NCLB Overhaul John Edwards' presidential campaign said today that the former senator would "totally overhaul" NCLB. On Senate Pan...

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