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July 25, 2007

Miller Speaks Monday -- Who's "DanB"

This just out: "On Monday, July 30, at the National Press Club, U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-CA) will deliver a major speech on the future of Lindsay Lohan's acting career the No Child Left Behind education law." 10:00am ET at the Press Building. NB: Eagle eyed readers of the Miller memo (see below...

July 25, 2007

Our Hottie Is So Much Hotter Than Their Hotties

As you can see, our education hottie, Jade Floyd of AACTE (left), is so much hotter than any of the other two front-runners (Jessica Ferguson, Sen. Thune in the orange, Pepper Pennington, Rep. Feeney in the black top). And more scantily clad, to boot. However, stuck at the bottom of the ballot...

July 25, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Miller Reauthorization Memo To Freshmen

Thanks a ton to a brave reader for sending in the Miller memo to House freshmen from earlier this month, which outlines where things are (or were) on the House majority side at least. As you can see, the two-page memo (PDF) dated July 7 outlines nine key proposals and asks for feedback. The propo...

July 24, 2007

Senate Higher Ed Bill Endangers Quick NCLB Reauthorization

The last time the Senate reauthorized the HEA was a long time ago. I was still working for Jeff Bingaman and we thought that we could really, finally, get ed schools to do a better job on teacher prep. But now the Senate has passed its version of the bill -- no House companion to go along with it, ...

July 17, 2007

Running Out Of July

AFT John reminds us to read Congressional Quarterly a little more often, especially when it includes tidbits about the increasing unlikelihood of a summer bill introduction and markup for NCLB (Slouching towards 2009). Not enough July left, and not enough of a majority for either party to push some...

July 13, 2007

Fresh Off The FritzWire

Appropriations: On Wednesday, July 11, the House Appropriations Committee completed mark-up on a $607 billion Labor-HHS-Education spending bill that will set funding levels for education, health and labor programs for FY 2008. The bill allocates $62.6 billion for the Education Department, an increa...

June 04, 2007

"Finding, Grinding, & Minding": How Ocean Spray Gets In The Schoolhouse Door

Take a look at this overview of big-time DC lobbyists from Washingtonian and you'll not only see a lot of names that should be familiar to you (if you're in DC) -- Podesta, Boggs, Podesta, Weber -- but also learn a lot about how it all works -- the dark art of the earmark (a favorite of universities...

June 01, 2007

When A "Congressional Report" Is Not A Congressional Report

As I first pointed out two weeks ago, the Kennedy report on Reading First was not a "Congressional study" in the sense of something like CRS or the GAO would do, despite being described as such in the press. It was internal, and partisan from the start. The good folks at the Title I Monitor have d...

June 01, 2007

Recent CRS Reports

Looking for some dry but informative weekend reading? Check out these CRS reports from Open CRS: School and Campus Safety Programs, Head Start Reauthorization: A Side-by-Side Comparison, The ESEA, as Amended by the No Child Left Behind Act: A Primer, and High School Graduation, Completion, and Drop...

May 23, 2007

Why Are Miller & Kennedy Not Calling Beth Ann Bryan?

What's the connection between former Justice Department official Monica Goodling (no relation, far as I know), who is testifying about her role as liaison between the White House and DOJ on the fired attorneys, and education? Well, Goodling's counterpart in the Reading First scandal has yet to be h...

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