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May 11, 2007

Special Treatment For Spellings -- From Congress & The Press

The Times (Spellings Rejects Criticism on Student Loan Scandal) and Post (Education Secretary Defends Loans Record) both take it pretty easy on Spellings, whose performance was to my view neither particularly effective or especially believable. I think that this is in part due to the ongoing tend...

May 10, 2007

Miller Gets Worked Up At Spellings Explanations

Wearing a somber black top and pearls, EdSec Spellings endured repeated interruptions, refutations, and harrumphs from a worked-up Chairman Miller in the first leg of this morning's oversight hearing (now on break, video here). Essentially, Spellings is claiming that the student lending program is...

May 10, 2007

Behind The Scenes: Spellings, Miller, & Kennedy

I love all the infighting and maneuvering that's going on behind the scenes leading up to Thursday's student lending and Reading First hearing. It's so very familiar and delicious. On Tuesday, the USDE announced that its top student loan officer had resigned -- giving Spellings the chance to tell M...

May 03, 2007

Head Start On The Move

House Votes to End Test Central to GOP's Shift on Head Start Wash Post The House dealt a blow to President Bush's chief early-childhood initiative yesterday, voting to end the standardized testing of 4-year-olds, which was at the heart of his efforts to refocus Head Start. Head Start may reach out...

May 01, 2007

Chairman Miller Is Peeved -- Requests Correspondence From USDE & White House

Congressman George Miller is peeved, it seems (or he's jealous of all the fun the folks on the Judiciary Committee are having)> He's asked not just the USDE but also the White House for all communications regarding student lending and Reading First, and submitted a list of folks whose emails and le...

April 27, 2007

Has Chairman Miller Been Protecting Secretary Spellings?

Don't be put off by the boring title that the Title Monitor gives to its Reading First story (OIG Refers Reading First To U.S. Justice Department). There's interesting stuff in there about witnesses like former assistant secretary Susan Neuman who might have been expected to have been called to tes...

April 25, 2007

Exclusive: Spellings Called To Testify On Lending & Reading First

House education committee chair George Miller has requested that EdSec Spellings appear to explain the whole student lending / Reading First mess (see PDF here) -- and she has (reportedly) agreed to show up on the 10th. It seemed like it was bound to happen eventually, given all that's going on. Bu...

April 20, 2007

Reading First Hearing Survival Guide

Start out with Greg Toppo's update on where things stand (here). USA Today. Speaking of the hearing, you can watch the live webcast (video, audio plays on your screen) here. Good background listening. Getting antsy? You can read Reid Lyon's explanation of his role and what Reading First was sup...

April 19, 2007

Getting Ready For A Reading First Let-Down

After all the hoopla (and given all the other things going on), tomorrow's Reading First hearing is likely to turn out to be pretty anticlimactic. (Plus which, they're holding it on a Friday, and the program's alleged mismanagement is offset by its apparent effectiveness.) Reading First Paying Of...

April 17, 2007

What It Takes To Be An Effective Legislative Staffer, Then And Now

I came to the Hill having been a teacher, an ed school student, and a researcher -- not from the campaign or the political side. And I came to the job actually wanting to do education. But every year I was there, I found that I was more effective the more I thought like floor staff or a press secr...

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