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April 16, 2007

Tutoring Myths & Realities

Wednesday's House hearing on SES won't be the big hearing of the week, but it will likely be pretty interesting given Senator Clinton's recent comments about the ineffectiveness of the program and its controversial use of private tutoring companies. Amidst all the posturing and finger-pointing, ho...

April 11, 2007

Who Should Be On The Reading First Witness List

Some recommendations for additional or alternative witnesses at next week's RF hearing include Reid Lyon, Margaret Spellings and Susan Neuman, as well as state officials who were pressured by the Department, and providers like Success for All, Cupp Publishers, and Reading Recovery who were left out,...

April 10, 2007

Foresman Author Simmons Gets Reading First Subpoena

On Monday, Chairman Miller announced the lineup for the April 20th Reading First witch hunt hearing, including one witness (Deborah Simmons, pictured) who will appear under subpoena. The witnesses you might expect include John P. ("Jack") Higgins, Jr., Inspector General, U.S. Department of Educatio...

April 09, 2007

What The College Presidents Are Really Saying

There are at least two things that seem worth noting about the news that some college presidents are considering a rebellion of sorts against US News' college rankings (Is There Life After Rankings?). First off, the rebel presidents don't have all that much influence, given that so much information ...

April 02, 2007

The Reading First Zombie: It's Not Alive, But It's Not Quite Dead Either

The Reading First story isn't alive, really, but it won't die, either. Just like a zombie. That's in large part because while the news about the politics and implementation of the program continue to be unsettling, states and districts (many of them at least) report that they have benefited from ...

April 02, 2007

Vouchers and Charterization Not Off The Table... Yet

Nobody who knows anything seems to think that voucher and charterization proposals like the ones in the Administration's NCLB 2 proposals stand a chance in Congress, but I continue not to be convinced. Specialized voucher proposals (for a geographic area, or a particular kind of student) are partic...

March 20, 2007

More Hearings Than You Can Shake A Stick At

No sooner do I say there's nothing going on than I read the FritzWire from yesterday, in which Fritz lists a bunch of hearings on the Hill and brings up the possibility of a faster, rather than slower, reauthorization: "Things are heating up with hearings on No Child Left Behind. Is this a signal ...

March 14, 2007

Dissecting The NCLB Hearing

Below are some more responses to the NCLB hearing, both first-hand (delicious!) and via the papers (more ideological). Who cares what anyone else has to say, though -- we want to know what jumped out at you, or seemed interesting or strange or funny about who spoke, what they said, how the member...

March 13, 2007

House Hearing Video On Demand

This whole Internet thing is getting better and better for those of us who want to know what's going on without going to DC or sitting in a hot hearing room. Check out this CPSAN video from yesterday's House Labor-HHS-Education spending hearing, featuring Obey and Spellings, and let me know if they...

March 12, 2007

Slavin Set To Slam Reading First At House Hearing

It's all about events this week, I guess. Now the House has a Labor-HHS-Education appropriations hearing scheduled for Wednesday, and -- wowza -- they're having Bob Slavin (ie, the wronged party under Reading First) testify. Should be fun. "The Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education an...

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