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February 06, 2007

Bush Budget Reactions, Part 2: Dead On Arrival?

This morning, NPR points out what a big difference it makes to the budget process to have a Congressional majority that's not the same party as the occupant of the White House. In the past, the Republican majority would actually receive and make use of the President's budget, perhaps even have help...

February 05, 2007

Budget Documents & Democratic Staff Review

Thanks to a kind reader, here are the proposed FY08 education budget levels, plus a handy-dandy review by the Labor-HHS Subcommittee staff. Terminations Perkins NCLB Subcommittee Analysis PS: I think this last document isn't up anywhere else. (At least that's what folks are telling me.) I...

February 01, 2007

Teacher Incentive Fund Nearly Eliminated In Budget Agreement

A lot of folks have been banking on the $99 million TIF fund to kick-start their pay for performance plans and help spread the idea, but, according to this Title I Monitor report from two days ago, it's all but eliminated in the new spending agreement: Democrats Unveil Joint-Funding Resolution for S...

February 01, 2007

Federal Education Budget Update

"The bill includes increases for students with disabilities, underprivileged schools, and early childhood education," according to this eSchool News article (Congress saves E2T2, hikes '07 funding). "But the majority of education initiatives--including the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EET...

February 01, 2007

Senate HELP Subcommittee Lineup

Take a look here if you want to see the full Senate HELP subcommittee lineup, but the top spots are nothing unexpected: Dodd, Mikulski, and Patty Murray head the three subs, with Alexander, Burr, and Isakson as ranking members. Obama and Clinton are both on the K12 and employment subcommittees, a...

January 30, 2007

The Budget Is Coming, The Budget Is Coming

Unlike in most years, when Congress has already passed its spending bills by now, this year we’ll have the start of the new budget planning process begin while the old budget is still in process. As pointed out in David DeSchryver’s Federal Update, the House is set to try and finish the FY07 sp...

January 26, 2007

The "Real" Congressman Miller Vs. The Other One

Over the AFTBlog they're chomping at the bit about the possibility that the "other" Representative Miller -- Brad, from NC -- might subpoena folks in the USDE as part of his newly-formed science oversight subcommittee (A Congressman Drops the S-Bomb). Don't forget that the "real" Congressman Miller...

January 18, 2007

Dems Lengthen Subcommittee Names (& Name New Heads)

Click below to check out the full list of House education subcommittee members, as announced by Chairman Miller's office earlier today - along with some snazzy new names. **Ed Reform gets a new long name and Kildee as head. **21st Century Competitiveness gets a new long name and Hinojosa as head...

January 17, 2007

What $1.2 Trillion Could Have Bought

"The human mind isn’t very well equipped to make sense of a figure like $1.2 trillion. We don’t deal with a trillion of anything in our daily lives, and so when we come across such a big number, it is hard to distinguish it from any other big number," begins this NYT article on how much the Iraq...

January 17, 2007

Good News For Ed Funding and Earmarks

According to a recent Q and A with Ellin Nolan, president of education lobbying firm Washington Partners, the newly-passed rules on earmarks, gifts, and ethics will have a mixed but relatively benign effect on the education environment. "Most Members take pride in helping constituents get special c...

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