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November 01, 2007

The Secret Life Of Erin And Tiffany

God I love this stuff: "I was walking to my math class when I noticed a bunch of little pieces of paper strewn across the hallway. I stole my math teacher's tape, lost my participation points in class and slowly taped it all together, discovering the secret lives of Erin and Tiffany." FOUND by Laur...

November 01, 2007

School Cupcake Parties Are Killing Our Children

Worried about cupcakes in schools? Dr. Rob Riggle finds out that cupcakes are the "number one killer" of our children: From The Daily Show.

November 01, 2007

Cool Ways To Prepare For Saturday's SAT Exams

The Daily Show's Demetri Martin shows the latest "advances" in standardized test prep (Princeton Review podcast tutorials, Kaplan MySpace pages, comic books with words like "alacrity" in them, bad pop songs with the same): "I know this test seems like a big deal that will determine your entire fu...

October 31, 2007

Too Many Reports, Says Report

"The Texas State Library and Archives Commission spent 18 months and canvassed more than 170 agencies and public colleges and universities, checking on all the reports they are assigned to do.The commission found more than 1,600, and state records administrator Michael Heskett is pretty sure his tea...

October 31, 2007

Strippers Help Pass Out Candy At Local School

Scores strippers help pass out candy at Halloween carnival NY Daily News

October 26, 2007

Cleveland High School Student Shooter Video Released

"He looks like any other high school student - except for the guns 14-year-old Asa Coon holds in each hand. Coon's rampage was captured in eerie, time-lapse snapshots by security cameras at SuccessTech Academy." See more images here. The local Fox affiliate has posted the video here.

October 25, 2007

Lice Costs US Schools $500 Million, Says Lice Removal Company

According to entrepreneur Maria Botham, lice infestation is the #1 reason for school absenteeism, and on average it costs the U.S. public school system over $500 million every year: Gold Standard for Lice Removal Opens in Lincoln Park. Via Yahoo! Finance.

October 25, 2007

“Please go KILL these people....Please, please, please.”

School Chief’s Embarrassment Is a Lesson for Itchy E-Mailers NYT “Please go KILL these people....Please, please, please.”

October 23, 2007

School Of Shock

No news yet of any schools that water-board kids, but I'm sure that's not far off. In the meantime, here's a story from Mother Jones about a school that takes in kids from several states and uses electric shocks as part of its discipline system: School of Shock. The pictures of the kids are to pr...

October 17, 2007

Dear School: Don't Be Lonely, We'll Be Back Tomorrow

I'm really into FOUND magazine right now, where folks send in things that they find and explain where they found them. This is a note written by a child and found in a school one day. Do schools get lonely when the kids leave for the day? I'm sure they do. Just like teachers.

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