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March 19, 2007

School Bus Safety, Regular And Otherwise

You never know what issue is going to pop up in the news, but today there are at least a couple of articles about school buses, of all things -- their safety (Little Consistency in Bus Safety Standards NYT), and -- yikes! -- their potential use by terrorists (FBI: Foreign extremists sign up to drive...

March 13, 2007

Black-Hispanic Tensions On Display In Chicago Local Control Crisis

About six weeks ago, I started getting emails and comments about a conflict between the African-American principal of one of the city's high schools and the Latino head of the local school council, which is in charge of hiring principals in Chicago, on my Chicago blog, District 299.

March 13, 2007

High School Student Council Passes Nonbinding Resolution

'In a move intended to send an "unmistakably clear message" to Barstow County High School Principal Robert McCluskey, the school's student council approved by a vote of 22-3 during seventh period Monday a nonbinding resolution criticizing the principal's recent decision to install three extra hall m...

March 05, 2007

School Life: Booing, Pizza, & The "V-Word"

Your Booing Is Crushing The Souls Of America's Youth Deadspin The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association is in the business of protecting feelings, and they feel like your boos are going to make someone cry. The Conspiracy Of Pizzas? Ed Wonks Some folks seem to be convinced that Pizza ...

March 02, 2007

Ali G (aka Borat) Panel On Sex Ed and Teen Drug Use

Before he was Borat, comedian Sasha Cohen was "Ali G," a hilariously ignorant and malapropism-inclined devotee of rap culture. Here he discusses everyone's favorite education issues -- sex ed and drug prevention -- with a bunch of folks who don't know he's pulling their legs: YouTube - Ali G - S...

March 01, 2007

VA Blinks, Dems Dig In, Youth Admires Itself, Governors Weigh In

It's Thursday and I'm behind as usual, but here are some news and links that you may not have seen and I think are worth knowing about: Virginia Backs Down in Testing Showdown Learning The Language Charles Pyle, the director of communications for the Virginia Department of Education, told me that V...

March 01, 2007

"Tray Gazing" In The Cafeteria: Why Are You Staring At My Food?

Kudos to Learning Matters (the folks who produce education segments on PBS) for putting out this original video podcast segment on learning disorders in college which, while not groundbreaking in terms of its topic, introduces us to "tray gazing" -- students scrutinizing each others' cafeteria trays...

March 01, 2007

Which Is Worse -- Test Scores, Or Class Grades?

Is standardized testing, like democracy, the worst of all forms of accountability except for all others that have been tried? The argument continues. But a recent study profiled in Inside Higher Ed suggests that standardized tests are at least more accurate predictors of future performance than th...

February 26, 2007

A Prayerful Pan

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for sending me this Houston Chronicle story about a Houston school district cafeteria worker who, after much discussion, gets to keep a pan on which, yes, an image of the Virgin Mary might be seen. UPDATE: Forty-five minutes later (not bad, actually), Eduwonk catche...

February 25, 2007

Kids, The Internet, & Adult Fears

Often expressed in terms of fears for children, concerns about technology are often in my view just as much about adult ignorance, as well as fear of what children themselves do with technology. These two articles capture some of these issues particularly well:

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