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October 16, 2007

"I Don't Want To Blow You Up!"

Talk about misguided efforts at teaching tolerance. This artist has created a storybook-coloring book to help children understand Muslims -- a noble effort, but perhaps a little too shocking in its approach (Teach Tolerance Through Coloring). From New York Magazine.

October 15, 2007

"Nice White Lady"

A little Monday-morning humor, this video spoofs all the movies like "Freedom Writers" where a committed teacher -- always a white woman -- helps urban youth reach their dreams: Via Whitney Tilson.

October 15, 2007

Long Response, No Full Credit

October 12, 2007

Reader Contest: A Day In The Life Of Your School

Inspired by a vivid reader comment on my Chicago blog from last week (A Day At Crane High School), I'm having a contest of sorts for the next few days in which readers are invited to describe the school (or administrative office, or reform office) where they work, or where their children attend, or ...

October 10, 2007

Sleep Deprivation Slows Learning By A Year

Yesterday, I ranted about the dangers of students multitasking while trying to learn. Today's rant is about sleep deprivation. Thanks to a post from former US News reporter Stacey Schultz on her blog, Fussbucket, we learn about a new NY magazine story showing that sleep deprivation has concrete ef...

October 09, 2007

Is Multi-Tasking Holding Our Kids Back?

Most pundits say that kids multi-tasking -- doing homework with the TV on, for example -- is just the way things are now, and indeed they may be right. But in the new Atlantic author Walter Kirn says that students' and teachers' and indeed human beings' brains were not made for such things. Accord...

October 04, 2007

Denial Over Disparities: Cutting Down The Oak Tree In Jena

The New Yorker takes on the Jena 6 case in large part to make the point that despite our tendencies towards denial what's happening down there is not old school, it's present-day -- and not just in the South, either. "Discrimination in the American justice system is not only a Deep South thing; it i...

October 03, 2007

Racial Slur Turns Up In Crossword Puzzle Assignment

Joanne Jacobs links to a much-discussed story a crossword puzzle that includes one question in which the N-word is the answer. Says Jacobs:"A parent complained that this is one word students don’t need to be taught, the teacher apologized and it appears that life will go on at Sequatchie County M...

October 03, 2007

TV Show Profiles District Of Columbia Marching Band

Thanks to JM for passing along this link from DCist about the upcoming taping of the Ellen Degeneres Show at Ballou High School. Check out this video snippet from a new documentary that's coming out on the school and it's band: Or if your'e in the area go see the taping tonight at 9:30 live.

October 03, 2007

Group Hugging Ban Captures International Attention

One Oak Park Illinois school's "hugging ban" has captured the media spotlight, for however briefly. Maybe this is a new part of Ed In '08's strategy to win more attention for education issues. And it's working. (You know they convinced Kozol to do that partial fast thing.) Or maybe it's just a sl...

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