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September 19, 2007

University Of Florida Student Tasered At Kerry Speech

Here's the video that everyone's watching, in which a confrontational student is eventually tasered by campus security after begging not to be: You know you want to see it.

September 18, 2007

Blue Man School, Ghetto Film School

Check it out. The three guys who started Blue Man Group -- you know, the ones that everyone knows from the Intel and iPod ads -- are starting their own school in New York City (Cool for School). Speaking of strange new schools in New York, here's another one: Ghetto Film School (NYT). Mr. Hall sa...

September 17, 2007

Unimaginative Administrators Ban Form Of Dancing They Banned Three Years Ago

Apparently out of new ideas for what to ban this year for their annual homecoming ban, school administrators in the Chicago area and soon around the country have decided to rename so-called "freak" dancing as something else, "juke" dancing, and declare a new ban anyway. The rules are simple: "The ...

September 17, 2007

Great Rivalries In Education: Who's Your Frenemy?

Good vs. evil is rarely all that interesting, which is why internal conflicts -- the nemesis in the other cubicle, "frenemies" and underminers, siblings, hipsters vs. yuppies, Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert -- are so much more fun to watch. Nearly everyone has a nemesis -- whether he or she realiz...

September 14, 2007

Lazy Teacher Meant To Show Star Wars, Showed Porn Instead

According to this Fox News story, a group of 5th graders who were supposed to be viewing a Star Wars DVD instead got an eyeful of porn (here). They're still trying to figure out how it happened, though apparently (see coloring book image) there's lots of Star Wars porn for kids laying around. Me, ...

September 13, 2007

"No Able-Bodied Student Left Behind"

'Students First In Line' Program To Offer Job Training At Needy Schools Stolen from Alan Gottlieb's Schools For Tomorrow blog.

September 13, 2007

Colbert Can't Shake Klein On Paying Kids For Grades

As expected, faux conservative newscaster Stephen Colbert made much fun of NYC Chancellor Klein's plan to pay kids for good grades -- except when Colbert realizes the money-making potential: "Is this only limited to students, because I think I could ace some of those fourth grade exams?" asked Colb...

September 10, 2007

It Was The Best Of Laws, It Was The Worst Of Laws

A hearty thanks to Sherman Dorn for bringing a little humor to a dreary Monday morning. My favorites: 1. It was the best of laws, it was the worst of laws. 2. All happy reforms are alike; each unhappy reform is unhappy in its own way. 6. It was a dark and stormy reauthorization. My nomination:...

September 10, 2007

Getting Into Kindergarten

New York City isn't the only place where it's hard to get into a "good" kindergarten, but it's perhaps the most dramatic example of the phenomenon. Watch tonight on TLC (7pm Eastern) as three very different sets of parents try and figure out what's best for their kids and how the process works. Wh...

September 07, 2007

First Days Of School For Angelina Jolie's Little Boy

There'll be no public education for Angelina Jolie's son, according to Just Jared (Momgelina ‘n Maddox Pandemonium). Instead, little Maddox is going to an $18,000-per year private French school instead.

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