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June 08, 2007

Fun & Games

Board Game Teaches Chemistry to Kids NPR A 13-year-old entrepreneur has a way to make money and help his fellow students learn about chemistry. Anshul Samar is hoping for $1 million in revenues from the sale of his board game. Cyberfamilias: ‘omg my mom joined facebook!!’ NYT A nosy parent goe...

June 07, 2007

New Stats On Internet Dangers Dispell Many Myths

Check out this eye-opening piece from PBS' MediaShift about Dangers Overblown for Teens Using Social Media, which reminds us that the myth of the Internet predator is largely a creation of the media. According to the piece, young children are not the typical victim of online sex crimes, assailants ...

June 06, 2007

Freedman Vs. Mathews, The College Admissions Showdown

Every Wednesday, there's Sam Freedman in the NYT (On Education) vs. Jay Mathews in the Post (Class Struggle), dueling education columnists fighting it out to the death. Take your pick of this week's offerings, both of which focus on their papers' readers' favorite topic: college admissions. Who Ne...

June 04, 2007

Whining Your Way To Better Grades

"Jamestown High School senior and National Merit Scholar Jason Wagner successfully whined his way to a 4.0 GPA for the fourth year in a row, school sources reported Monday," according to this article from The Onion (High School Student Whines His Way To 4.0 GPA).

June 01, 2007

Booze-Filled Flip-Flops

Along with all the other things teachers have to look out for, along comes booze-filled flip-flops. “Kids wear flip-flops to school and all over the place,” said Mike Gimbel, former drug czar for Baltimore County and director of substance abuse education at Sheppard Pratt. “You would never kn...

May 30, 2007

To Sir, With Sarcasm: Just What We Need With Two Weeks Left

Maybe I'm the last person to hear about this, but there's a new-ish mockumentary about new teaches that came out last month called Chalk that seems to be the antithesis of the sappy inspirational education movies that we all can't stand (but watch anyway). Check out the trailer here -- it might mak...

May 30, 2007

More Rolling Water Jugs In Education

Some juicy tidbits from the last few days include an article about the not-so-bad real life experiences of ELLs taking English exams (As Tests Begin, English Learners Have Troubles but Few Tears Wash Post). At the same time, apparently year-end exams are going the way of the Dodo in some schools (...

May 23, 2007

Contests, Finger Length, And More

Boy who slept in trash is student of the year MSNBC For much of his life, 11-year-old D.J. Graffree was a cocky kid who didn't need any adults to look after him or tell him what to do. Now he is an example for other children. How to avoid pesky NCLB testing requirements EIA Intelligencer Just star...

May 23, 2007

Now They're Outsourcing Your Kids' Fast Food Jobs, Too

First went the manufacturing jobs. Then the back office call centers and tech support functions went overseas. Then, just a few years ago though it seems like an eon, we learned about tutoring from across the world. Most recently, editors started looking for overseas reporters to cover domestic ...

May 18, 2007

A Recruiting Campaign That Would Make Joe Camel Proud

"Almost 600,000 of America's 1 million active and reserve soldiers enlisted as teens," begins this piece from In These Times that is the latest riff on the old NCLB military recruiting story (America's Child Soldier Problem). "The military lures these physiologically immature kids with a PR machine...

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