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January 28, 2007

The Week In Review (January 22-28)

Best Of The Week Secrets Of The USDE: Insider Edelstein On The HotSeat Subversion, War, Kit And Kaboodle - Hogwash! (NCLB Rhetoric) Why No One Cares Deeply About Iraq -- Or Urban Schools Are Management Companies Better For Charters State Of The Union Health Care Big, Education Small Live-Blogging T...

January 25, 2007

HotSeats Galore

Earlier this week, we put USDE longtimer Fritz Edelstein on the HotSeat, where he told all sorts of secrets that only a 31-year USDE veteran can tell. But he's hardly the first. As some of you have requested, here are some past favorites: Rick Hess -- A Liberals' Kind Of Conservative Those rumors...

January 12, 2007

Friday Thanks

Thanks to everyone who's offered congratulations (and even criticisms) this past week or so and helped make sure folks knew how to find me in my new home (so far, so good). These include Joanne Jacobs Free-linking and thinking by Joanne Jacobs NCLB: Let's Get it Right! The Education Wonks "The ti...

January 11, 2007

Welcome, EdWeek Readers

Dear EdWeek Readers -- Welcome. As you'll quickly see, this blog is informal, constantly updated, and full of comments and speculation -- totally unlike the carefully reported and balanced journalism on the rest of the EdWeek site. And that's what makes it interesting --irreverent but still basi...

January 09, 2007

Welcome Message

Welcome to the shiny new version of This Week In Education, now hosted by As noted in the post announcing this change (Pimp My Blog), this is either a very brave experiment by an upstart education writer and an established media giant or it's a really big mistake. For anyone who is n...

January 08, 2007

First Things First: Where's The Old Blog?

You can find the archive of back issues of this blog (from early 2004 to early January 2007) here. Or, if the link doesn't work: // There is unfortunately no archive of the email-based version of this site that began in Fall 2003 and lasted until May 2004.

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