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October 31, 2007

In The Classroom

Hello, India? I Need Help With My Math NYT In a new wave of the global outsourcing of services, personal chores are moving offshore, and this is leading to some daunting challenges, both economic and cultural. On Education: Classroom of the Future Is Virtually Anywhere NYT There is no blackboard a...

October 31, 2007

Follow The Bouncing Ball

Using ball as chair helps focus, third-graders sayGrand Rapids PressKatie Messina teaches to a sea of bobbing heads. Messina first experimented with using balls as chairs six years ago in another school, where her class included seven second-graders with attention deficit disorders.

October 26, 2007

From Happy Welcome To Jail Mug Shot

Things started out so well for this new teacher (left), but ended recently with rape charges and a mug shot (right). Via USA Today's On Deadline blog.

October 25, 2007

Higher Ed's Role In Creating An Oversupply Of Under-Qualified Teachers

Here the Economist details the struggles of various countries to improve public education and change the large variations in how much students learn, focusing in on a recent McKinsey recommendation that nations change the way they select teachers (How to be top). I know, McKinsey. And yes, other c...

October 24, 2007

Teacher Suspended For Graphic Book Recommendation

Teachers can get in trouble for pretty much anything these days. This time it's a book by Cormac McCarthy that was deemed a little too graphic for high schoolers: Town in uproar after teacher put on leave over book. Like high school kids haven't been exposed to tales of murder sprees and decompos...

October 22, 2007

Teachers Behaving Badly, States Ignoring The Problem

Between last week's report from the Small Newspaper Group (see chart) and today's AP story, we've got a glut of information about teachers behaving badly. According to last week's story, only Virginia revokes or suspends fewer teaching certificates than Illinois.States such as California, Georgia o...

October 19, 2007

Hidden Teacher Violations...In Illinois & Nationwide

Speaking of teachers, there's a new slew of stories from the folks at the Small Newspaper Group in Springfield Illinois that may blow your socks off: Illinois does poor job of dealing with teacher misconduct "Small Newspaper Group filed open records requests with 50 state education departments and...

October 17, 2007

Making Teaching A Career, Not A Drive-By Charity Stop

Over at Teacher In A Strange Land, teacher Nancy Flanagan riffs off of my Teach For America essay from last week. "TFA has done nothing to re-conceptualize the work of teaching as both socially valuable and complex professional practice. In fact, TFA and similar “fellowship” programs have spawn...

October 16, 2007

Pay For Performance... In The Blogosphere

Pay for performance is everywhere, these days. Once compensated purely based on how many posts they wrote, some bloggers are now being paid according to how many viewers and comments their posts generate, according to this in-depth New York Magazine article (Everybody Sucks). How's that for pay fo...

October 15, 2007

A Gay Union Leader For New York City Teachers

According to this NY Daily News article, Randi Weingarten, head of the NYC teachers union and potential successor to AFT president Ed McElroy, came out at a recent event as a lesbian. This is probably not such a big deal in New York City, but in the rest of the country, who knows.

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