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June 19, 2007

Sylvan Sued

If you think it's just the free, government-paid tutoring that is sometimes problematic, check out this article ( - Sylvan Center Told to Refund Tutoring Costs) about how a New York City mom says she borrowed $11k to get both her kids tutoring, but didn't see as much improvement as pr...

May 02, 2007

Reform Comes To Military Training

You might find it hard to imagine sympathizing with military recruiters and boot camp drill instructors -- perhaps until you read The Army We Have in the upcoming Atlantic magazine ($), which details just how much "restructuring" military trainers are having to undergo in order to deal with the chal...

May 01, 2007

Who's Got The Best School & District Data?

I rarely look at individual school- or district-level achievement data, and when I do I never know where to go. State and district report cards are often hard to find -- and not exactly user-friendly when you get there. The two sites I know about have strengths and weaknesses. There's the GreatSc...

April 26, 2007

How To Read An Edu-Company Press Release

The ever-instructive Marc Dean Millot explains here just how to read between the lines of an education company press release: The Press Release in Context. "So, in a sense, PLATO is saying to Wall Street that its products have underlying value and, in a market full of close substitutes, its core c...

April 20, 2007

Voucher Rollback In Ohio?

This NPR segment (NPR : New Ohio Governor Targets School Vouchers) reminds us that while 12 states plus Utah now have voucher programs, new Ohio governor Ted Strickland is trying to roll back one of the original voucher initiatives to its previous form. For the past year, Ohio's new statewide vouch...

April 18, 2007

FairTest Vs. TestingFacts

The new FairTest Examiner is out, and full of the usual news and commentary (and the announcement of a new co-director named, of all things, Earle M. Test). I kid you not. But there's another outfit out there,, which also gathers testing-related news and information, but from a ...

April 04, 2007

Tutoring Industry Denies Terrorism Halliburton Charges

Better late than never, the Education Industry Association, which represents the tutoring companies in Washington, has finally put out a press release in response to Senator Clinton's "Halliburton all over again" charge from last weekend (see below) saying that they are surprised by the remarks and ...

April 03, 2007

Computerized Tutoring

First there was private-sector tutoring, whose evil effects we all know well. Then there was outsourced tutoring (from India, etc.), which was clearly anti-American from top to bottom. Now, according to this EdWeek story, there's an even more pernicious tutoring variation: "machine-based" tutorin...

March 30, 2007

Make That 13 States With Computerized Testing

EdWeek's Technology Counts, just out yesterday, shows that computerized testing like that Oregon was using before its troubles with Vantage Learning has been relatively slow to spread (Tracking U.S. Trends): "The number of states that offer computerized statewide assessments is relatively small, wi...

March 29, 2007

Why Research Goes Unused

How to get more good research out to the public and to educators in the field is an important and vexing issue. Over at Paul Baker's Education PR blog, Baker (Communicating research) mentions what I hope will be a useful and engaging session at AERA that the Tribune's Stephanie Banchero and I (amon...

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