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October 05, 2007

Not Wanting To Like HBO's Little Rock Documentary

I didn't want to like the HBO documentary on the Little Rock Nine that's been playing over and over, and had been avoiding it (and most of the rest of the 50th anniversary coverage) thinking that I'd seen the footage before, knew that things hadn't changed that much, etc. But the documentary (s...

October 03, 2007

Washington Post Reporter Hypnotizes Local Superintendents Into Endorsing National Standards

Earlier in the week, the Washington Post's Jay Mathews used what must have been hypnosis to get three DC-area school superintendents to say that they supported national standards -- an idea that, as Mathews himself notes, has traditionally only been advocated by wonks and pundits (Superintendents Su...

October 02, 2007

DC Schools Superintendent So Appalled She Wanted To Throw Up

My favorite part of this PBS NewsHour segment on DC schools superintendent Michelle Rhee is where she talks about how seeing all the unused books and supplies in the central warehouse made her want to throw up. Thanks to Whitney Tilson for uploading this. See part 2 here.

September 28, 2007

Dallas Officials Enjoy Junket While Others Get Fired

"At the same time 169 jobs are being cut at DISD central administration, nearly that same number of employees decided to jet off to Canada for the International Reading Conference. Now, after a News 8 investigation into their expenses, school administrators are revising their travel policy." (Dallas...

September 20, 2007

Green Dot Goes National, Maybe

Hoping not to get outflanked like in LA, the head of the Chicago Teachers Union is checking out the Green Dot charter schools and working with the Board of Education in Chicago to consider starting some union-run charters, according to this new Catalyst article. Up til now, the new schools opened u...

September 19, 2007

Will Locke Be The Next Failed Small Schools "Conversion"?

Erik Robelen's piece in EdWeek on small schools research recaps and deepens what most of us realized a few years ago: converting big high schools into small ones without making them truly autonomous doesn't necessarily get you very much, and there are tremendous pressures against autonomy in that k...

September 12, 2007

NYC Schools Chancellor To Appear On Colbert Report

Not to be outdone by Secretary Spellings' powder-puff appearance on the Daily Show earlier this year (see video here), NYC Chancellor Joel Klein is scheduled to appear on the Colbert Report tonight at 11:30 eastern. It should be fun. Colbert, much more than Jon Stewart, is known for taking a littl...

September 12, 2007

Big News Of The Day

Green Dot charter to take over Locke High School LA Times The Los Angeles Board of Education voted Tuesday to turn over one of the city's most troubled high schools to a charter school organization, marking the first time an outside group will run a traditional public school in Los Angeles.

September 07, 2007

Contrasting Views Of New Orleans

Following up on Amy Waldman's excellent look at New Orleans schools (School Reform Hurricane), here are two contrasting views of how things are shaping up this fall: The Greatest Education Lab - TIME Hurricane Katrina washed away what was one of the nation's worst school systems and opened the path...

September 04, 2007

Restructuring Works In Chicago...But Teachers Pay The Price

While everyone in Washington debates NCLB changes, back in the real world teachers and principals and districts are trying to figure out what to do to make things better. Check out Stephanie Banchero's three-part account in the Chicago Tribune of what happened at one Chicago school where they broug...

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