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September 03, 2007

Labor day Roundup: Urban Education

New Orleans Activists Seek Educational Growth NPR Some New Orleans residents have learned then when dealing with their patchwork public school system, the surest approach is to take matters into their own hands. A Successful Plan for Racial Balance Now Finds Its Future Uncertain A Supreme Court ...

August 17, 2007

Next Stop For Unionized Charter Schools Might Be Chicago

Though Chicago has far fewer charters than many districts and they are all authorized by the district as opposed to the state or a local university or nonprofit, opposition to charters is pretty strong and Mayor Daley's "Renaissance 2010" initiative raises the hackles of many folks who want to retai...

August 09, 2007

Three Lessons From Newark

The shooting of three Newark teenagers against the wall at a local elementary school playground earlier this week doesn't have much to do with education but may have a lot to do with education reform. First, it has put reform-minded Newark mayor Cory Booker on the defensive, potentially disrupting ...

August 08, 2007

Paying Kids & Parents To Do Better In School - What's The Difference?

Though it's not my favorite thing in the world, I'm not nearly as opposed as some are to the idea of paying poor kids and their parents for doing things like going to school and doing well there. And it's not just because a young Harvard professor named Roland Fryer (pictured) says it's a good idea,...

August 03, 2007

The War Within The Charter Movement: Quality Vs. Choice

Charter opponents tend to think of charter school folks as one big happy family, while in reality they are anything but that. One of the key dividing lines among charter advocates has to do with quality and accountability -- one side emphasizing it, the other more focused on choice and competition. ...

August 02, 2007

Encouraging News For Charter Schools From New Orleans

According to this article at EdWeek ( New Orleans Charters Fare Well in Testing), the first wave of tests results look good for some schools. Charter school students did relatively better than students in the state-run Recovery School District that Paul Vallas recently took over. In response, Vall...

July 27, 2007

Taking Back Mayoral Control: It Ain't Going To Happen

The main observation missing from today's NY Sun article on mayoral control (By 2009, Mayor's Control Of Schools Could End) is that going back is so tremendously difficult and unlikely. Mayors and their rivals are unlikely to support it, legislators who voted for mayoral control are unlikely to wa...

July 26, 2007

Weighted Student Funding (Among Other Things) Collapses In NYC

Before you drink the NYC/Bloomberg Kool-Aid, read this piece by Sol Stern which adds some new information to the increasingly-familiar refrain that chancellor Klein has sexed up recent test scores, churned out too many policy ideas, and become more abstract and technocratic. Stern adds that Klein...

July 25, 2007

Teaching Parents To Play With Their Kids: What If They're Wrong?

Apparently playing on the carpet and making up stories with little kids isn't as "natural" as we are being told -- and may not be so much better for them. (Plus which, it's boring -- admit it.) That's the idea that this largely-ignored Boston Globe article from a couple of weeks ago raises (Leave...

July 12, 2007

Payzant Says He Didn't Know About Pilot Schools Screening Kids Either

Following up on the Boston Globe's story that Boston's famed pilot schools were screening students rather than taking all comers like everyone else (is supposed to). former Boston superintendent Tom Payzant (under whose leadership the pilots were started) said that he didn't know about the practice,...

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