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May 22, 2007

Check Registers: Do They Help?

For a while now, especially in Texas, reformers and advocates like Peyton Wolcott (here)have been calling on school districts to publish their check registers online so that everyone can see what they're spending their money on. However, as this Dallas Morning News article points out, not every dis...

May 16, 2007

Dallas Board Members Liken New Logo To Pillsbury Doughboys

"District administrators had hoped the recommended logo — three student figures in red, white and blue beneath five stars in the frame of a big blue "D" — would bolster their efforts to improve the Dallas Independent School District's image. What came out, though, was "dull, busy and marred by ...

May 08, 2007

The Two Pauls In New Orleans: What's The Plan?

The two Pauls -- LA state supe Pastorek and incoming RSD supe Vallas (far left and middle, respectively) -- appeared onstage today in what was billed as their first public appearance together, mapping out their plans for New Orleans. Some notable tidbits: Vallas credited Sen. Landrieu for first pu...

May 07, 2007

Russo Bullies Vallas

Never afraid to say what he thinks, know-nothing Alexander Russo calls incoming NOLA superintendent Paul Vallas "a little bit of a bully" in USA Today -- among other things (His challenge: Rebuild New Orleans' schools). Check it out.

May 04, 2007

Vallas To Run (Part Of) NOLA School System

As predicted, Paul Vallas is headed to New Orleans to help turn around the schools there. The contract details aren't out, but apparently he's going to start in July, make less than he did in Philadelphia, and, according to someone close to the negotiations, spend "as much time [in New Orleans] as ...

April 30, 2007

School-Level Control Still Under Attack -- Even As New Forms Take Shape

When elected officials talk about "local control," they usually mean states and districts. But in some places, local control means really local -- like at the school level. It's a messy business, however, and in Illinois the Board and the mayor are now pushing changes so that elected school counci...

April 20, 2007

Urban Schools Roundup

Some more urban school news and trends -- and one last picture of Sanjaya: Language Gap Mars Parent-Teacher Chats NPR Federal law requires school districts to provide interpreters for parent-teacher conferences. But demand far outstrips the state and federal funds provided. How are schools adapting...

April 17, 2007

Finding The Right Big-City Superintendent

It's hiring time again in a lot of big cities around the nation, and as contributor Regina Matthews finds out, no one's quite sure about what they're looking for: What does a big city school system need in a schools chief? They're pondering the problem in Philly (What Sort of Leader for Schools? P...

April 09, 2007

News From Detroit: Let Them Eat Grapes

Throwing grapes at school board members might seem a bit extreme, and only worked in the short term, but it's come to that in Detroit where school closings are being argued (Woman charged over throwing fruit at Detroit school board member. See also More school closings ahead Detroit News via EdNews...

April 06, 2007

Long Beach Up For A Broad Prize -- Again

Long Beach Unified could become the first urban district to win the $1M Broad prize for a second time, based on its nomination as a finalist yesterday along with four other districts (School district named as finalist in Broad contest). Other finalists are Bridgeport Public Schools in Connecticut, ...

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