Homework Clouds Students' Summer Vacation

Some students are spending increased amounts of time on homework over the summer. Does it make a difference?

Extended-Learning Programs Want Funders to Take a Longer View

Experts in extended learning want foundations to focus more money and time on increasing the quality of programs and providing more support, professional development, and career opportunities for the people in the field.

High Schools Letting Students Sleep In to Improve Grades and Health

More high schools are starting the day later as a growing body of research finds that teens' grades and health are suffering due to sleep deprivation.

The Problem With 'Half-Day' and 'Full-Day' Labels in Early Education

A new policy paper argues that the exact number of hours preschoolers spend in class should be reported and studied, rather than the "half-day" and "full-day" labels.

Hundreds of N.Y.C. Schools Will Start the Day Earlier This Fall

In New York City, the shift to an earlier start time for hundreds of schools is angering some parents.

Lessons From One School's Failed Experiment With a Longer Day

A Connecticut school's year-long failed experiment with a longer school day might have some key takeaways.

Girl Talk: How After-School Programs Can Help Females

Girl Scouts and Girls Inc. officials shared ideas on how after-school programs can help broaden girls' horizons in a webinar hosted by the Afterschool Alliance.

Extending School Day for Reading: Good for Students or Recipe for Burnout?

An extra hour of reading instruction is coming to 300 of Florida's lowest-performing schools in the fall, but some local parents are criticizing the plans.

Summer Is Over for Students at Year-Round Schools

Students at year-round schools from North Carolina to Oregon are heading back to class already.

Report Looks At Impact of After-School STEM Programs on Students

The report from the Afterschool Alliance studies outcomes from 11 after-school STEM programs that have a reputation for excellence.

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