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An education researcher offers advice to district leaders interested in engaging with researchers.

A new study reveals key strategies for building strong relationships between researchers and practitioners from the perspective of district leaders.

A research-practice partnership shares tips for writing about research for a broad audience. Contributed by the Philadelphia Education Research Consortium.

Reflecting on its first few years, a young research-practice partnership shares skills needed to foster strong relationships. Contributed by the Philadelphia Education Research Consortium.

A state-led online learning program investigates teachers' challenges and training needs to inform its professional development services.

Researchers and leaders of online learning programs collaboratively create a survey to learn about online teachers' professional training and experiences.

A state department leader outlines the challenges and benefits of partnering with researchers in school turnaround efforts in Tennessee.

A research-practice partnership helps Tennessee make sense of 5 years of school turnaround lessons. Contributed by the Tennessee Education Research Alliance.

A school district leader provides his perspective on a newly proposed framework for assessing the effectiveness of education research-practice partnerships, providing guidance to fellow district leaders.


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