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Research examines the characteristics of 9th grade students who are on track and off track to graduate in Philadelphia, and how rates differ across schools and subgroups of students.

One school district combines internal and external research capacity to develop a 9th grade on-track metric in order to support students in graduating high school.

Research findings yield new insights into how Baltimore's 'Judy Centers' already support and can continue to support early ed and school readiness.

Research examines how Baltimore's early ed 'Judy Centers' improve disadvantaged children's kindergarten readiness.

Understanding how research is actually used by district leaders is essential for research-practice partnerships to effectively bridge research and practice in education.

A study examines what research district leaders find valuable and actually use in their day-to-day work.

One school district reimagines science teaching and learning to promote equity and interactive classroom environments.

A partnership works to create and implement a district-wide NGSS-aligned science curriculum and instructional model.


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