An Oregon school district official describes how a research-practice partnership helped the district reduce exclusionary discipline.

Lessons Learned from a successful research-practice partnership formed to address the disproportionality of exclusionary discipline in Oregon schools.

A New York City community leader calls for a needs-based grant to assist underprivileged college students with non-tuition expenses.

A New York City study examines changes in college access and success and associated inequities.

A school district official outlines how a Louisville study on the effects of out-of-school time programs on Social Emotional Learning fits within the local context.

A research-practice partnership in Louisville experiences challenges and successes as it is starting to take shape.

A Minnesota Office of Higher Education leader comments on the significance and implications of partnership work on an Acceleration Program study.

A Minnesota study sheds light on the characteristics of students participating in Acceleration Programs and how participation affects college outcomes.

Recapping previous blog posts, NNERPP reflects on the work that has been shared by featured research-practice partnerships and how it helps bridge the research-practice divide.

Paula Arce-Trigatti, Director of the National Network of Education Research-Practice Partnerships, shares a detailed definition for how the Network defines research-practice partnerships in education.


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