Abolishing Teachers' Unions Will Not Improve Schools

If teachers could be fired at any time, where will their replacements come from?

Good Grammar Is Suddenly Sexy

Expressing oneself with proper grammar is considered hot in online dating.

Comparing Charter and Magnet Schools

Comparing the performance of charter schools with magnet schools is fairer than present methods.

Teachers Remember Their Students

Looking back, I'm convinced my students taught me more than I ever taught them.

Athletic Obsession Corrupts Real Education

Athletic prep schools make a mockery of education.

The Idea That We Can Have Many Good Teachers Is Implausible

If the U.S. adopted Finland's stringent standards for admission to teacher preparation programs, it would be impossible to staff classrooms.

The Charter School Juggernaut

Charter schools will be fought tooth and nail, but in the end they will prevail.

College Application Pointers for Seniors

High-school seniors and their parents are unaware of how they are being manipulated by the present admissions process.

Teacher Pensions Fuel Generation Divide

Characterizing teachers who opt to spend 30 years or more in the classroom as deadwood is insulting.

Lesson Plans Find Long-Overdue Market

Lesson plans are intellectual property that are worthy of legal protection and remuneration.

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