Sure Way to Create a Teacher Shortage

As criticism of public-school teachers mounts, the only college grads making the classroom a career will be missionaries.

Value-Added Worth Is Limited

Long after subject matter is forgotten, attitudes remain, which no value-added model attempts to measure.

Who Should Chair a Public-School Board?

Providing effective home-school instruction alone does not qualify anyone to head a state board of education.

Is School Choice Inherently Hypocritical?

Does sacrificing your own children for a cause make you a better person?

Luring Best Teachers to Worst Schools

Combat pay has not been effective in luring the best teachers to the worst schools in the U.S.

Subject Matter Expertise Is Not Enough

If subject-matter knowledge is the No. 1 factor for instructional effectiveness, then all professors with doctorates would be star teachers in public schools.

College Degree Obeys Economics Law

The level of education is not immune to the law of supply and demand.

Agency Fee for All Teachers Is Right

If teachers oppose collective bargaining, they should refund the portion of the benefits they receive that are tainted by the process.

Is Reading a Lost Skill?

Teaching fiction in written form today means competing with visual adaptations of the same material.

Will the Vergara Ruling Backfire?

If the Vergara ruling stands, it has the potential to invite new litigation with entirely different goals.

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