Parents are heavily swayed by their philosophy about preschool in making a choice.

If studies show a clear cause-and-effect relationship between a shorter school week and higher student performance, more districts will be receptive.

Teacher tenure needs revision - not elimination.

Few parents are willing to sacrifice the education of their children on the altar of ideology.

Movies can make history come alive.

The irony is that students have more protection against cyberbullying than their teachers.

To reduce the dropout rate through legitimate means, the U.S. needs to adopt Germany's dual system.

The election of a charter school majority on the Los Angeles Unified School Board reflects deep frustration and anger over the district's performance.

Allowing all new teachers to choose the type of pension plan they want is an effective way of filling high demand fields.

Since the Common Core places heavy weight on non-fiction,newspapers can be a valuable resource for teachers.


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