Unionization at the largest charter school network in the country will be a harbinger.

Eliminating tenure will have unintended consequences for all stakeholders.

By lowering the bar for licensing, the Board of Regents is shortchanging the very students it is committed to help.

Field trips and other projects,when done on a regular basis,can make what is taught in class come alive.

The total number of students served by both traditional and charter schools has dropped across the country because of a declining birth rate.

Perhaps the popularity of code schools will be the motivation to accord vocational education the respect it deserves.

Public, private and religious schools have been the venue for sexual misconduct by teachers.

The need for job security and the desire for input will eventually overcome whatever reservations about unionization that charter school teachers have.

Trained observers familiar with a particular school are the best way to evaluate teachers.

Bringing in new teachers to replace those fired will do little to improve persistently failing schools.


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