It's time to grant vocational education the respect it deserves.

Eliminate the essay portion on the SAT or hire professional scorers who are allowed to use their individual judgment.

The truth is that public schools have never done a particularly good job educating students new to these shores.

Higher salaries alone will not solve the teacher shortage in the long run.

Parents of special-needs students are most deserving of the right to choose any school, provided it is certified.

Failure to solve chronic absenteeism results in a bleak future for students.

If teachers unions are the villain, then why don't all union-free charter schools outperform unionized public schools?

Graduates will quickly learn, whether in college or the workplace, that they will be evaluated in one way or another.

So much of a teacher's effectiveness depends on the kind of students assigned.

Once students were viewed as customers, no demands were too outrageous.


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