Grit will get students only so far in achieving success in educational settings.

Although teachers are sometimes seen as deserving of special protection, that sentiment will not prevail down the road under incessant criticism.

Avoiding disparate-discipline outcomes, regardless of actual student behavior, is a prescription for disaster.

It's doubtful that personal videos and the like are evidence of reading and writing skills.

Gifted students in this country are treated as stepchildren.

Tests have to be designed with the same care as drugs are developed.

The academic achievement gap will always exist, not only within groups but between groups.

Nothing will ever end the debate over teacher tenure, but a compromise bill in the California Assembly shows promise.

Teaching to the test is sound pedagogy, particularly when the subject is writing a critical analysis.

Including non-cognitive items on standardized tests is a step in the right direction if we want to produce lifelong learners.


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