The achievement gap can never be eliminated but only narrowed.

When public schools accept an offer to move into a new building on corporate land, they open the door to interference on curriculum and faculty hiring.

Teachers have become so sensitized about being accused of prejudice that they tend to overlook behaviors resulting in suspensions in the past.

Basic computing skills are important, but the public has been oversold on their indispensability.

It's premature to conclude that high teacher expectations are the cause of record high graduation rates.

Fully integrated schools are no assurance of a quality education.

Eva Moskowitz's personality makes it difficult to objectively evaluate Success Academy charter schools.

The fundamental question is whether academic achievement is worth endangering physical and mental health.

School board members swear to uphold their state constitutions even when their personal beliefs are at odds.

With the cost of a bachelor's degree skyrocketing, parents and students are entitled to know what their investment is likely to return in earnings.


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