Teachers' unions are blamed for all the ills afflicting public schools, which is why the issue of agency fees is not dead.

Social studies teachers will have to walk on eggs when they instruct students about Islamic history.

Students are shortchanged when there are no rules and no consequences.

Without tenure, teachers at all levels will find themselves at risk of downgrading or dismissal.

If developing thought is the purpose of education, rewarding speed on tests makes little sense.

Integrating schools by edict has unintended consequences.

There is no excuse for allowing the kind of misbehavior that exists in so many public schools.

The payoff for scapegoating teachers comes in the form of the $600 billion spent on public education in this country.

Test scores do not provide a complete picture of any school's success, but they cannot be denied either.

If a new law about reporting by therapists in Colorado is passed, it will have unintended consequences.


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