I know of no parents willing to sacrifice the education of their own children on an ideological altar.

Computer coding is no substitute for foreign language proficiency.

Harsh tactics are sometimes necessary to protect teachers from special education students.

Higher salaries alone are not enough to recruit and retain the best and brightest to teaching.

Outrageous tactics approved by the school board mean that students have to work extremely hard not to graduate from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Attempts to hire more black male teachers are needed, but factors outside of school still play a more important role.

Quality subs are hard to find because of low pay and no respect.

If student loans could be dischargeable, students, colleges, and banks would all benefit.

True talent has always been in short supply. Generous incentives can help attract better teacher candidates, but it's unrealistic to assume they can duplicate the performances of virtuosos.

Even good teachers can have a bad day.


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