If the U.S. adopted Finland's stringent standards for admission to teacher preparation programs, it would be impossible to staff classrooms.

Charter schools will be fought tooth and nail, but in the end they will prevail.

High-school seniors and their parents are unaware of how they are being manipulated by the present admissions process.

Characterizing teachers who opt to spend 30 years or more in the classroom as deadwood is insulting.

Lesson plans are intellectual property that are worthy of legal protection and remuneration.

Charter schools often outperform traditional public schools because they operate by a completely different set of rules.

Trying to engineer equal patterns of performance between groups is a noble but futile quest.

Even when state constitutions explicitly restrict public funds for use in public schools, the law is violated.

As long as the primary goal of the SAT is to rank test-takers, the results have poor predictive value.

I'm always open to evidence that miracles can occur, but so far New Orleans is not Lourdes.


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