Before reformers can be taken seriously, public-school experience should be a prerequisite.

The parent-trigger law needs clarification to make sure it achieves its intended goals.

Giving a high-school diploma to those who have not earned it harms all stakeholders.

As criticism of public-school teachers mounts, the only college grads making the classroom a career will be missionaries.

Long after subject matter is forgotten, attitudes remain, which no value-added model attempts to measure.

Providing effective home-school instruction alone does not qualify anyone to head a state board of education.

Does sacrificing your own children for a cause make you a better person?

Combat pay has not been effective in luring the best teachers to the worst schools in the U.S.

If subject-matter knowledge is the No. 1 factor for instructional effectiveness, then all professors with doctorates would be star teachers in public schools.

The level of education is not immune to the law of supply and demand.


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