The lack of sophistication on the part of lay people and the lack of objectivity on the part of peer reviewers makes many education studies suspect.

How will students deal with a world after graduation that doesn't accommodate their feelings?

If competition is supposed to force failing schools to improve, then how to explain the situation in Detroit?

Total abstinence will prevent sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, but so will locking young people in a basement.

If standardized tests were used strictly for diagnostic purposes, would the opt-out movement exist?

Under the eyes of a qualified teacher, play can be educational.

Even if more students could be convinced to study a strategic foreign language, finding qualified teachers remains a huge problem.

Requirements to become a teacher or lawyer need to be revised in light of common sense.

Teachers who oppose political lobbying by unions should refuse to accept higher salaries that negotiations bring.

Parents feel disrespected when their opinions are given short shrift about school closings.


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