More nonwhite teachers are needed because of the importance of students identifying with their teachers.

Public schools in this country are on the threshold of a new era if the results of a California poll are any indication.

No other country in the industrialized world pays so little attention to its gifted students as the U.S.

Parental frustration and anger have become too great for the present system of education to continue unchallenged.

Sometimes - not always - getting students to apologize for their misconduct and making them understand the seriousness of their actions are more effective than anything else.

Instead of abolishing standardized tests, let's use them strictly for diagnostic purposes as Finland does.

Technology can never replace the personal relationship that invariably develops between inspired teachers and their students.

It's little wonder that students are turned off to the curriculum when we cave in so easily to complaints about controversial material.

Parents don't like hedge fund billionaires, but they like the school choices that the hedge fund billionaires promise.

Grit is used to explain why some young people overcome their disadvantages and move upward, but it's questionable if it is enough.


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