Parents have the right - indeed, the duty - to send their children to any school that best meets their unique needs and interests.

If teaching is a sinecure, then why is teacher turnover so high?

Appropriate touching is one way for teachers to show their students that they genuinely care about them.

What works in one district backfires in another, making the process of superintendent selection largely a matter of luck.

Before scapegoating teachers' unions, critics should be forced to spend two weeks teaching in an inner-city public school.

The changes in the GED have gone too far too fast.

The obsession with a bachelor's degree is shortchanging students whose interests and aptitudes are not academic.

With 51 percent of all students in public schools qualifying for free or reduced-price lunches, it's time for action.

Generalizing about public-school teachers is as unconvincing as generalizing about private-school or religious-school teachers.

Cram schools make a mockery of the educational process.


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