Tertiary education should be the natural continuation of secondary education in this country.

The Common Core and standardized testing largely account for the increase in the number of students who are homeschooled.

No matter how much talk about the importance of "a voice," job security remains the No. 1 issue for teachers.

In many ways, Department of Defense schools provide an ideal teaching environment.

Most teachers can run rings around most professors about how to design and implement lessons.

Let's make civics an important part of the high-school curriculum, but let's be realistic about what it can achieve.

There are 478 students for every one counselor nationwide.

The lack of amenities is enough to dissuade all but the most dedicated teachers from accepting positions in rural schools.

Integrating schools is seen by some parents as a threat to education quality.

A lawsuit to eliminate teacher tenure in Minnesota, with its impressive student performance, would be merely a power play.


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