No religion is exempt from promoting its values to students enrolled in its schools.

STEM is not, and can never be, the sum and substance of a well-rounded education.

Poverty is not destiny, but it affects learning in ways that make comparisons between schools unfair.

Does the same misbehavior trigger the same response by school officials when race is involved?

Admitting students to elite high schools should be based on proven academic ability.

Many parents reluctantly keep their children in underperforming schools simply because too much time and energy are required to make an informed decision.

If teachers are indeed overpaid and the job is such a plum, then why is there not a rush by the best college graduates into the profession?

Collaboration rather than competition works best in education because teachers thrive in an atmosphere of trust.

Even the best teachers cannot consistently overcome the chaotic backgrounds that disadvantaged students come from.

Gold stars and detention were behavior apps a generation ago.


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